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My site is currently on #1 spot on google and I think...the conversion is not that good.

So,I 'd like to delete the original product review article and post a new review.

My question is, by doing so,am I gonna lose my site's ranking or is there any disadvantage?

Is this gonna affect my site at all?

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    I don't think it should affect the rankings to much or none at all. As long as you don't change the url address and the title. I've changed up many posts and content on some of my sites before, without losing my search engine rankings.

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    It really depends on how much of the content on the page you change. If you do a 100% rewrite you do run the risk of the page dropping out of the search engine index altogether for awhile while Google decides what the new content is about and whether it is still relevant to the original search term you ranked for.

    Any time that you make major revisions in content on a page you do run the risk of that page being reevaluated completely out of the index, or being ranked for a different search term, so you do need to be really careful about how you use your primary and related keywords in the new content.
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    As long as it's for the same keyword, which is featured multiple times in the article and the title doesn't change and the url doesn't change, as said before, I don't see why not.
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