Who can get me Top 10 in Google for MMA or UFC?

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Is it even possible to get my main site in the top 10 on Google for the terms MMA or UFC?

If so, who can do it and what will it cost me?

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    Is it possible?

    Is it easy?
    Depends on your definition of easy but for most people It's damn hard.

    Is it quick?
    No It's going to take you many years to actually rank for terms like MMA, UFC, WWE etc.

    EDIT: Long tail keywords is what you should go for btw

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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    It's always possible, the thing is you'll need to analyze what keywords you want and your plan of attack (no pun intended) You might be better off parousing through the Warriors For Hire section as that forum may be better suited for fulfilling your SEO needs...
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    It is possible like the kid blogger who got on the first term for Make Money Online at the age of 15 or 16?

    It requires a lot of work and time though because many of the links there probably have something you don't. Aged backlinks.

    As for who can get you to the top. I personally wouldn't hire someone unless you want to burn a hold in your wallet because such terms are very pricey and time consuming.

    Enduring long periods of time hiring someone will mean you might have to pay them monthly unless you work on a guarantee basis and even then it will be a huge one time fee.

    You might just want to do it yourself. Perhaps get some .edu links, some high pr links, do some general link building. Maybe use services such as SEO Link Vine or other similar networks. Look in the WSO and more.
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    No use ranking for the keyword as you won't get laser targetted traffic. Those searching for mma could be looking for what mma stands for or to research on MMA. The keyword mixed martial arts clothing gets 18000 searches a month and will be very easy to rank for if you have a keyword rich domain.

    Something like mixedmartialartsclothing.com/.net/.org. And then throw in tons of backlinks. Geez! I think this keyword is competitive too. All the top 10 results have over 1000 backlinks.

    Rankable. But it will take time and effort.
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