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ok this is the first of its kind of have found.... its just messed up if you ask me... i am going after a term with over 100 mill comp over 3 months... im in top 5 pages its only week 3 so doing really well BUT...

the number 2 has just over 700 backlinks.. good mix between pr levels... not that that really matters lol....... all very targeted to the words he wants to rank for...... ranks well for all 5 he is trying to rank for 2-4 in all of them.... but the number one guy for the word i want has 3 back links to that page.... he has more overall but the website has nothing to do with the subject at all....

why is it this authority site "" is out ranking someone who has done decent seo work for... its just weird to me i can not give out keywords on this one its to good of a term but WTH has anyone else come up against this?
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