Don't you get a little discouraged with Adsense sometimes?

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Hey Guys,

I have been trying to master Adsense for the last year. Not much to show for ...yet. I must admit that I haven't dedicated 100% of myself to it. The only reason I am still sticking to Adsense is because I hate jumping around to the next big thing....but...
But sometimes, cruising in the other forums, and hearing talks of people making big bucks with CPA, Flipping sites and offline marketing, don't you get a little discouraged with Adsense?

I have some $15/dollars days but today I looked at my account and .72 so far....whattaa...
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    Don't worry. You will get what you want with time. Have some patience. DO some more SEO of your website.
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    Well...yeah. Sometimes I get outright pissed off. But, I don't know what to do about it just yet anyway.

    I'll tell ya what pisses me off the most about when they put your site on those banner buys. They tell you that you can opt-out of third party but that's a total lie.

    Like today, on one blog I gave them over 200 impressions (slow day today) and I got a whomping 2 cents. When your on banner buys you get a penny for every one hundred unigues you give them. Sucks cuz I could have made a hell-of-a better with the same traffic.
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    The problem with ads are not unique to adsense. It's all a numbers game. The sad reality is to make $100 dollars per day from any ads, you do need a crazy amount of traffic.

    If your Adsense averages $2-3 dollars per 1k page views (for all ads on your site), you would need over 30,000 page views per day to get it done.

    Obviously, that type of traffic is nearly impossible for most of us to generate on a single blog.

    Frustrating for sure though...
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    I's definitely frustrating. That's why some people call it

    Well, One of the reasons for my rant, is because I tried to do some offline consulting to get some moola coming in. I have this site that I built about 8 months ago, something very nichy-e like plumber in miami Florida. I went to craigslist and looked for plumbers looking for sales people. called some business and told them that this site was highly optmized for "plumber in miami beach" for example. I told the guy that the site with the traffic will cost him $2500 and if he want me on board for consulting, seo and content to the site I will charge him $250 a month.

    One of the guys, wanted to buy the site on the spot! I was amazed. Of course the main reason that I went to IM is to be boss-free, but I tell 'ya this Adsense sites are taking for ever to take off.
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      I get discouraged when I look at my Clickbank stats....

      And there are all these people with CB stats that show rivers of cash

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    The problem isn't AdSense. The driving force behind a successful adsense site is the same for all of those other affiliate methods too. You need to get good targeted traffic to your site to have any chance of succeeding with any of them.

    Why was your earning only $0.72c today? Did you have a huge drop in traffic? Was your CTR poor? Have your rankings plummeted? Low CPC?

    If you are getting traffic to your site but not making any money from it then look elsewhere. There is no where that says if you pick Adsense you must stick with Adsense. Find the best money making method for your site - not the other way around.
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    As a main source of income, you better have an army of sites or one or more sites with VERY high traffic in order to gain any consistent Adsense income.

    IMO, MFA sites (big or small) don't make a very good business model. Sure, there's ways to game it, but that doesn't last and it's not ethical to do so...

    I'm not trying to knock Adsense, it's a very good moneymaker when it fits.
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    Personally, I try to monetize in a variety of ways. Clickbank, actual affiliate programs with actual companies. Adsense is just another one of them. And, yes, it can be discouraging. But keep in mind, succeeding in this game is a long term effort. It takes longevity, consistency and quality content.
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