Any certification, validation, accreditation suggested for SEO services business?

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I was wondering if there are recommended certification(s), accreditation(s), affiliation(s) etc available for SEO experts / SEO services company so as to express authority on the subject and thus attract more customers.
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    I don't think there is Rajul. But you've just given someone a brilliant business idea

    Right Now. What a wonderful time to start!

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      There aren't any that I know of, but here are some tips to help you pick a good one.

      Firstly. Try a few different searches on Google. The top SEO companies should appear on the first page for at least one or two key phrases. The very best ones will appear for all of them.

      Any company you speak to should be happy to tell you exactly how they intend to improve your rankings. If they are cagey, or vague it probably means that some of their techniques are questionable.

      You should expect to hearing about things like: article marketing, publishing unique content, various "on page" factors, keyword research etc...

      Don't be afraid to probe further until you are totally happy with what you hear. SEO can be expensive, so you should make sure you are 100% happy.
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    There is not any certification or affiliation in my knowledge but there is no need to have a certificate for SEO. There is no rocket science in SEO only some basic techniques are Required to do SEO for Your web page.These are On-page and Off-Page.
    Title, URL, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Image Optimization etc
    Directories Submission, Article Submission, Blog Posting, Social Bookmarking etc
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    I don't think so.

    I think you should collect testimonials from satisfied customers, create niche sites which are already search engine optimized and then use them as proof (or sell them), and probably "free to try" services that say, in 6 weeks guaranteed to rank in top 10 of Google or something, and build your customer base. And write articles and reports and even books to position yourself as an expert, and create a "potential customer" list. All these things are well described in many "All-in-one threads", so you can do without any "formal qualification". Your proof will be in the results you get consistently.

    Did Dan Kennedy had any "formal qualification"? Did Tony Robbins have any formal qualification? Did Bill Gates have any formal qualification? None of these people had any formal qualification, they did not graduate from college or anything. Forget about formal qualification, get your first customer, and make him absolutely impressed with your service, get three referrals from him, rinse and repeat...
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    I think if you can provide proof that all of your sites are ranking well in the best keywords on your niches will mean you don't need such thing.
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    Google has certification programs at universities I have a Google Adwords certification officially through google. Helps with SEO . 9 credit hour course!
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    No, there is not.

    But for Google AdWords there is. Google are the ones issuing that one.
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