Very Low CTR for High SERP Poistions: Is this Normal, or are Google's numbers Wrong?

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I have a site that ranks in the top 5 on google for several keywords, but it seems that the CTr is around 3-4%. Is this normal. Even for the #1 spot, I am only seeing 8% CTR. All searches are using exact match

Keyword #1
590 searches
#3 position
2.40% ctr

Keyword #2
790 searches
#2 position
.69 CTR

Those kind of numbers


I just looked at my Adwords keyword impressions for a couple of those keywords over the same time period. Where google says there were 1300 searches, my exact match adwords keywords had 84 impressions. Does this mean that mean google's search estimates are highly sku'd?

One keyword shows 9900 exact searches for the month. My exact match adword keyword shows 1200 impressions
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