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There is now a SEO part in my cpanel with hostgator.
Something to do with Attracta made XML site maps?

Anyone using this? What's the go?
Are they gonna slap me with a membership fee or charge me some how?

I have just been using the site map that is made in xsitepro2...

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      Unfortunately I didn't know this then (or even this Warrior forum)

      So, If you did pay them, prior the reading this, as I didn't know, and my Clients web site went to the first page on Google. So I figured it had some value. About 2 weeks ago, I have taken attracta off and a few other changes (removing all the attratca badges and etc.), my client site has fallen off of Google's 1st page.

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        I think in seo you need to do changes one at a time. Those "other" things you did may have caused this drop. But now you can't give a 100% answer what did it......

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      Looks like the last posts here are from 2011, but I just recently went into the SEO directory and clicked without realizing I was starting this Attracta service. It appears that it replaces the robots.txt files everywhere on your account. If you have entries in the robots.txt file, does it add those entries back in or just overwrite the files altogether? It appears to me that it overwrote a robots.txt file that I had entries in though I want to make sure about this. If so, it should not do that but it should ad an entry into the file instead of taking it over completely.

      I am getting ready to put some things in my robots.txt and I want to be sure when I put those entries in, attracta will not overwrite the robots.txt file with all my entries in it. I am removing the global translator plugin and the entries are essential to prevent being overrun with 404 errors. I am trying to decide if I need to cancel the attracta service (the free service) before I do this. Also, will I be charged anything if they generate sitemaps for me and I go through the checklist they provide and work on those 4 items? I don't have the money for pay for this right now and the statement someone made here that when you get charged for hosting you'll also be charged for Attracta service got me a little scared. Thanks.
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        I have read several good reviews of Attracta's SEO tools. I tried them on 4 of my HostGator accounts and got very good results. The XML Sitemap submission really does work. I have more pages indexed within a few days. The cPanel Perks: Attracta Review by Rachael M Cleveland is quite good. There are several other hosts installing Attracta's SEO Tools in their cPanel. Check out blog: Are You Using Attracta SEO? Top 5 Reasons to Use Attracta.
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    How much does it cost. that information seems hard to find.
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    oh my god..... this thread is 3 years old, got 10,000 views, but 7 replies only huh... :p

    I am sure these things may not be anymore valid after our Penguin

    Even now, we got Penguin twice, so no more valid points (I think so)
    Search Engine Optimization Services in Delray Beach, FL
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    Paying for a sitemap submission? what...

    Just got back from a #BrightonSEO. I was given room 404 in the hotel I stayed at. Couldn’t find it anywhere!

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    Attracta opts you into emails that near-impossible to unsubscribe from.
    The cPanel plugin is horrible.
    Something like this is what you find in the 1990s, not the 2010s. Near useless now.
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      All I did was click on the Attractca icon in cPanel, and now they keep spamming me to death!
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