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hi everyone

im interested in getting my hosting from these guys but got one questhion.

when it says they suppy you with 5/10/whatever IPs for 40 bucks (for example) does that mean you only pay 40 bucks to get 5/10/whatever sites hosted?

or does each site need a 40 bucks each.

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    Don't use WebHostForSEO. I tried them and had awful downtime, no support etc. (and that's just the tip of the iceberg). See http://www.warriorforum.com/internet...imization.html

    A simple google search for "webhostforseo.com" will also reveal a lot of complaints about this company.

    To answer your question, SEO hosts normally let you host unlimited sites/domains so you pay the fee to host an unlimited number of sites across their range if IP addresses.
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    thanks a lot

    ill look into your recomendathion

    hey everyone
    feel free to give me a PM, even if its just to say hi. i always reply back, accept freind requests ect.

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      Ninja guy has a personal vendetta against us. As I explained to him, many users who did not know how to use Caffeinated Content slowed up that one server. This is a very powerful plugin and has a memory leak and when used in the wrong way he ties up all the resources and an an apache restart is required.

      It took us a day to get this under control and inform users on how to best to use the plugin. He received the email from my team that said we are working on this. I also sent out 3 emails to update on the situation. He said he never got anything, and therefore he was upset. Later he admitted they were in his spam folder. To say we are not answering support or working on issues is just wrong.

      Ninja guy is the single person posting all over the night false statements about our company. It is very obvious. I think he really just works for another hosting company, because he is anonymous everywhere he posts. I have looked up some of the phony names is he posting under and they do not exist in our customer database. Ninja+anything does not exist in our database either. If he is for real and gives me his real name, I can investigate his account then I will apologize and retract every statement.

      We are really starting to think he was never even a real customer as I have offered him a full refund but he will not reveal his real name.

      Just so you know I invented this type of hosting and what its used for. The others just copied me. I also provide insights and SEO training on this hosting is best utilized, others do not. We are located in the InfoMart in Dallas Texas an N+1 facility. We are currently powering 100+ servers.

      Contact us directly with any more questions.

      Thank you.
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    @ Todd - the only thing I've done is post in the review section about webhostforseo, and in this thread. Maybe you should see this:

    http://www.warriorforum.com/internet...le-ouch-7.html (scroll about 1/3rd the way down)

    from Dave Kelly:

    "The feedback I received on webhostforseo from customers was not positive.. I pulled their offer from our hosting offers page several weeks ago after receiving what I considered too much negative feedback."

    From the number of unsatisfied customers you have just in this forum alone it doesn't surprise me if your getting a pretty bad reputation. Anyways I think the OP's question has been answered and I'd rather not turn this into a flame war (mods feel free to lock this thread).
    NinjaReports.com - Find Out What ClickBank Products Really Work

    Submit your CB product reviews, and see what other people and the web has to say.
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    virtuosomaster (dot) com i can recommend that site for cheaper!
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      You can deny all you want we all know its you, its very obvious and comical. You also post in every thread and flame me every single time we are mentioned. You say the same thing, google search for all your phony blogs. You and your friends are more than likely the ones mail bombing them too.

      Here are the facts.. Dave also said (in that thread) that he was a customer of mine for many years and had very few issues. We run a great network of servers that perform great, All of our shared servers are Dell Poweredge, not clones.. Now, everyone will have a hosting issue at some time or another, if you haven't yet then you haven't done anything. Hundreds of servers run every day on my network without any problems. Also, everyday me or my staff assist a user with a problem or question about anything technical or seo or marketing. ANYTHING, I am there. That is contrary to what you say.

      I invented seo hosting. My service came about by helping myself and a group of people drop their hosting bill from HUNDREDS per month to less than $100 per month. I invented, tested and refined market stacking and have been perfecting blog networking for years. To this day I have hundreds and hundreds of sites testing all avenues of ranking. I share this data with my users from time to time. Its about that time again.

      I am in constant contact with my users when there is a problem with any server, as I was when you first started this, later you admitted you found my emails in your spam box after you flamed us.

      Ill explain it to You and Dave and Chris and everyone else again. Here goes...

      First we only use very high powered Dell Poweredge servers that can serve thousands of sites and blogs and traffic. This network of servers has hosted some of the meanest apps in existence, most of my customers are HEAVY DUTY online marketers and we help them run whatever program they want to to within reason and typically if its coded well there are no resource issues. However, some apps are not created equal.

      Caffeinated Content can cause memory and resource problems, especially when 20 people do not know how to use it and all are doing it at the same time. I let everyone know, including YOU and Dave that it was causing a problem. Meanwhile, we made some upgrades to the hardware and operating system to allow more threads and file descriptors. I also noticed that the CC plugin has a memory leak with one of its functions. What that means is that it does not release the threads/resources that it gained to do its job. This bogs down the server, ANY server. After I restarted apache, the used threads go away and the server goes back to normal. We wrote scripts to detect that and restart apache as needed. Now along with that and user education we do not see that problem any more at all. CC has its own set of issues and its very hard to get that coder on any support issues. Sometimes its work 100% for some users, other times it hardly works at all.

      As you know, (if you don't, then look in your spam folder) Dave just put out another video telling you that ALL webhosts are contacting him and telling about CC/user problems, I was the first to tell him about it, hence the first video about how to use it. He is having to do another video and tell them and you again how to use it. All the hosts are telling him its a problem. Otherwise, he would not be making more videos on this subject or is he doing just to kill his time?

      I know another marketer who recommended Caffeinated Content plugin and the host seohosting called him up and told him to cut it out and not to recommend them to use with that plugin. It can cause problems. If I would have known that beforehand I would have been more prepared for it.

      The other hosts will just start banning it, whereas we will continue to work with our servers the programmer and our users to make it work better. Dave will continue to get complaints from hosts where many users are running it wrong. A few people at once running it at the same time has little effect.

      What happened to your server was everyone joined on the same few days and hammered it with CC, maybe not you but that the was the problem. Plain and simple and had you read your emails you would have known that. Most people got the memo and had no issue with it, most people are sensible and do not have your warrior flamer attitude. Most people are still my customers and most people are doing just fine, I get thanked EVERY DAY for what I do.

      So if you or anyone else can't understand that and want to continue to flame me then you are just not facing the facts of the matter.

      You want people to believe that I'm hosting a 386 PC in my garage on a dial up connection. That simply is not the case. I host hundreds of servers and more marketers than you will ever meet in your life and they all are very appreciative of me and my tools and my knowledge.

      I know that I run a business where there are always going to be an issue from someone every single day and I know that my staff and me personally will help them every single day. I also know there will be people like you, who flame before they read. C'est la vie...

      Happy Holidays!
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        Please give me your phone number
        My sites is down for another time with you people
        And now your site is down to
        I have really tired with your srvices - I have trouble every month
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          Yep, the same here, twice a month I can't acceess my own sites, nor the webhostforseo.com site for a support ticket.
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    I signed up with webhost for seo less than 1 month ago. I have already experienced 4 days when the main site and my sites were all inaccessable. My first emails to support were responded to. They said they fixed the problem. The last 2 emails have yet to be responded to. They can no longer claim a single person has a vendetta against them. They do not provide the service you pay for (i.e. multiple IP hosting). They simply take the money from as many people as posslbe and let their system languish. I am switcing immediately.
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    Why don't you use google sites for hosting? Much like blogger for blog hosting it will be better option for website hosting unless you do not want to give credit to Google.
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      Well, try asking for a refund..

      all I got was the run around and no response (once it got passed on to the "head admin)", then he gave some excuse about they had frozen paypal accounts..and was asked to wait 5 months to get my money back - and as soon as I said no I can't wait I never got any response.

      Or try and find a phone number on the site to call for technical support? nada!

      And to think I got referred from a high profile internet marketer..

      Maybe going to the authorities will get this company to give a refund.
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