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This is not an ad for anything, just simply a helpful of list of tools you might need to be successful.

1. Keyword Research Tool
- Market Samurai
- Micro Niche Finder

I own both, MS is significantly better in my opinion. This is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself. The internet is huge and every day I find great keywords to build a website for in even what seems like a saturated niche. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to build all of these websites.

2. Unique Content
- Write your own content
- Pay someone to write content

Google knows if your content is unique or not. It doesn't always know if your content is of good quality, but they can detect relevancy and this certainly matters. I always save the best content for my website and give the first tier article directories PLR or Paid Written Content. Then I take those articles and spin them with the Best Spinner and submit them to second tier article directories and blogs.

3. Backlink Tools
- Scrapebox
- Senuke
- Xrumer/Profile Link Builder
- BruteForce
- SerpAssist
- SEOLinkVine

I have used all of these products and can say to be successful you need to have the ability to use these tools on a macro level to build many links to many different sites. You cannot simply drop 1000 backlinks to a new site in one day and then stop building backlinks and expect great results, you need to build them consistently over time. You also need to rotate your IP by using different proxies so all of your links to all of your many sites do not come from the same IP address.

4. Other Useful Tools
- RSS Submiter
- Pinger
- Article Submitter
- Spinner
- Proxies
- C Class IP Hosting
- Analytics Software

You should be putting your website in different RSS directories and you should be pinging some of the links you make. If you do mass article submission you will also need spinning software and a mass article submitter. There does seem to be a limit as to how much similar content Google will actually index. You will also want C Class IP Hosting if you plan to build many sites. This is a good insurance policy.

5. Strategy

You can spend hours, days, weeks, months and years developing a strategy. Some work and some do not, but it does seem that many people want to sell you the latest and greatest. My advice is to always read a review and search for a coupon or discount before buying a product. You'll find that you quickly abandon many tools as your strategy changes.

Do not overwhelm yourself if you are just starting. The easiest thing a new marketer can do is buy the X-Factor Micro Niche Adsense Course and read it once per month. He lays out the foundation to success and then you need to expand and alter his strategy to develop a strategy that suits your lifestyle and abilities. My personal strategy uses some of the tools outlined above.

If you plan to create autoblogs, I recommend the Autoblog Blueprint. This course really outlines the most basic and most advanced autoblogging topics. I recommend WPRobot if you plan to autoblog as this has been the best software for me. It's a nice way to automatically build backlinks and many pages. Where many internet marketers fail is they never target their autoblog posts to a money page. For example if your site is on Widgets, create a page called Best Widgets. You'll find that about 1/3 of your targeted traffic will go to that page. Be sure to use a cache plugin to save bandwith.

Once you get going, diversify your income. Do not rely solely on Adsense, Affiliate or CPA. Before I went full-time, I learned this the hard way when I watched my entire affiliate income vanish without warning as I only promoted for one company and they decided to suddenly end their program one day. I had over 50 websites running on autopilot generating over $1500 per month. I replaced this merchant with another leader in the industry, that was even more focussed on my niche. My first months commission was less than $50 because their site converted so poorly and they paid out 6% compared to 12% per sale.

6. Wordpress Plugins

There are too many plugins to list, but you need to uses to help automate the process of developing and marketing a blog. One of the best plugins is the Backup Buddy plugin so that you can template all of your websites and create a fast install file. Also be sure to backup your files as your website grows so that you can easily migrate your website to a new server or restore it if your server crashes. You will also want an SEO plugin such as Platinum SEO or Ultimate SEO. The websites I am currently building have 15-20 plugins installed.

7. Automate What You Can Afford

Start by automating what you hate and are bad at doing

-Content Writing
-Social Bookmarking
-RSS Submissions
-Article Spinning
-Article Submission
-Website Building

I currently Automate Social Bookmarking, RSS Submission and my Website Building is made by me, but my template is good so it takes less than 10 minutes to build a site if I have the content done. I spin my own articles because it takes about 10 seconds. I manually submit my articles to first tier databases and then use submission tools for the second tier directories. I find it rewarding to write content on topics I'm interested in, but I outsource some of it. Comment Backlinks and a mix of automation and manual.
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    it is really nice what you are doing. im planning to autoblog my site, and i already have the wprobot, but the problem im facing is, what niche should i be building?

    ive been around for quite a few months just to find a niche. wonder if you could suggest or advise me on 'how to find the best niche'?
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      i love this pub
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      Originally Posted by sliperdm View Post

      it is really nice what you are doing. im planning to autoblog my site, and i already have the wprobot, but the problem im facing is, what niche should i be building?

      ive been around for quite a few months just to find a niche. wonder if you could suggest or advise me on 'how to find the best niche'?
      Selecting a niche has really never been a problem for me. It's more about finding that exact phrase match keyword that you can rank for in the search engines. One of my strategies has been to build a website like "digital camera lenses" and then create pages for product terms that I could rank that were highly searched. I would then let these websites season for a couple months and let them earn income. If they performed well then I would start building them out, if they didn't then I would drop them. Market Samurai makes this extremely easy. You should be able to find several keywords that have a $300-500 SEOV, (exact not broad match) with little or no competition. I like seeing PR0's, PR0 amazons and undeveloped exact phrase match websites ranking.

      Sometimes there aren't enough relevant ads, the traffic isn't there, you can't get into the top 3 SERP or your template/sales copy simply doesn't convert and you need to cut your loss and move on. Another tips is to always go for what is easy, go for the low hanging fruit.
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