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Good Afternoon,

I need a little help from the fine expert community here regarding my site...

I have a site that's building some nice traffic in a given niche. However, I now plan to expand beyond my niche into a much broader niche of the same topic (if that makes sense).

My dilemma is I would like to move to a different domain that reflects the broader niche of the same topic. BUT, is this possible?

(NOTE: I'm not interested in building a second site)

Here's my concerns:

1. Backlinking: I don't want to lose my back links. Will the right redirects preserve my backlinks/rankings?

2. Domain age: If #1 is doable then I assume that a new domain name could hurt rankings do I need to get an aged domain?

I'm not sure if there are other issues but if anyone can comment on the above and add anything that would be great!

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    Hope it's ok that I bump this...looking for some advice out there.

    'A real friend will stab you in the front'

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      So no one has had this issue?

      'A real friend will stab you in the front'

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    Hi Ken,

    I had that exact same issue last year. I moved my PR 3 site that was getting good rankings and a lot of traffic to a brand new domain.

    I did it using 301 redirects for each pages and took the opportunity to change the URL structure a bit for some categories. Just make sure you redirect each page to its new location properly. I actually tested every single article redirect by hand since I only had 40 or so.

    I didn't lose any ranking in the SERPs, and during the next Google PR update my new domain got a PR 3 just like the old domain. I didn't do any link building whatsoever on the new domain.

    So, in my experience, I kept both my rankings and my link juice

    Hope that helps,

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    If you are maintaining an exact duplicate, structure-wise on the new site, then an .htaccess-based redirect would be appropriate (this assumes a linux-based hosting account)
    In other words, this solution works if:,, etc
    Also, all image references, on-page links should be relative (instead of absolute, referencing a domain (tags like img src="image1.jpg" would be relative, and img src=" would be absolute).
    WARNING : .htaccess is one of the pickiest dang things on the planet. Make a backup of current .htaccess if it exists. Better safe than sorry.
    The Magic Code:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /
    RedirectMatch 301 (.*)\.html$$1.html

    the RedirectMatch Line redirects only .html extensions, but you can replace .html w/ .htm, or .php as required (or even duplicate the above if you use multiple extensions). I'm not expert with regular expression matching, otherwise I'd have something more elegant.
    the .htaccess file is plain text, created in notepad, uploaded to www-root of host for the OLD domain, and MUST be named .htaccess to be considered functional.
    Support a Warrior, Save Money!
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    i also plan to change my domain..This thread help me a little bit..Can someone explain more detail..? Thanks before..
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