auto blog samurai !! any one make success with autoblog???

by zaykem
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hi warriors

i want to start using with autoblog method in french niches
can any one help me with advices .......success ..........or any ideas
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    I have been using the program for about two weeks and for the most part I am very happy with it. The translator is a little ragged. Some of the languages turn articles into pure gibberish. The english to spanish to english works good with a minimal amount of editing required. But if you set up a blog like Ponna says it will bring in a few dollars per day.
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    thank's men for sharing
    i want to use program with french langauge because the comptition is very low
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    The problem with just using the translator to go from English to Spanish and back to English is that the contents are not much different than the original, and the uniqueness is pretty limited!

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    Its good to you in choosing french language in your site due to its low in competition it will be an advantage for the page rankings.
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    Something is really bothering me at autoblog. So much has been said about Autoblogging and I want to start using it. I have this plugin for wordpress that will autoblog for me. The plugin are WP-o-Matic and WP-robot.
    I want to find out whether Google will disable my adsense account for using those autoblog plugin especially, WP-0-Matic.
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    Is the auto blog samurai worth getting? or is there an better autoblog out there, I have spent so much money, program after program, and turn up empty handed. Wish I could find a program that works.
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    I couldn't get it to work with Blogger. I didn't try it with Wordpress. This is a rebranding of Carty's software anyhow and with Carty you no doubt will get better customer service. I had to wait 3-5 days to get answers from Ponna and still ended up with a mess on my Blogger Blog. Hope this helps.
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  • I bought it and within a few days of using it completely broke! It no longer dowloaded and the service was/is awful.

    Im still waiting on a refund! I have tried allsorts to get it working again but they cannot seem to help. Also the way they make the article 'unique' is by translating them into another language and then back again which 99% of the time pumps out completely unreadable garbage. Thumbs down from me although I really wanted it to work :0(
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    Genuine, Did you get your refund? It only took 1 day to get mine through Clickbank.
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      I've been using it for a month and it was working fine. But the eZine article feature is not picking up articles anymore. I tried everything, deleting all the files and reinstaling. Nothing worked.

      Of course I sent an email to support and didn't get anything back from them. It takes forever. They should have a better support system specially for a software that doesn't work properly.

      The idea is good as you can manage all your blogger blog from one place. I used to create autoblogs with Google Alerts or subscribing to newsletter. But I had to get into each blog everytime.

      Any other tools availbale for Blogger?

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    what is the original software for autoblog samurai? i cant remember that name..
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    Carty has the original. Just do a search for Carty.
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    I'm looking for a good affordable autoblog solution, especially something I can offer to others as a service. And I could not get autoblog samurai to work. You can't build anything off line and just not what I expected, has to connect with my blog to even begin to work, and it never would. I started to see how well it worked with blogger, but I didn't buy it for that so just submitted my refund request and moved on.

    It may work great, but didnt for me and wasn't what I was looking for, but least I tried....
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  • Profile picture of the author shulink
    It depends on your expectation. You cannot make big money with robot site, but it is easy to make small money. I have 6 auto sites each make about $5 a day.
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    Hi stiznef, actually I make more money with my main site which is not auto robot. The problem with auto site is that I have to promote each of them for 2-3 weeks to get it start with, so still consume time.
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    AutoBlog is a waste of time. BEWARE!!

    You have to be careful using the software (and you'll be banned rapidly from Blogger blog if you're not). You simply cannot post stuff that are coming from other website without permissions and that is where is failed.

    It does translate in french but my god (and I'm french), a lot of time the translation doesn't make any senses...

    Also, the customer services is very slow so don't expect an answer before 3 days.

    I'm very disappointed and I already ask for a refund!
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    I just wrote a question to support, but don't really expect to get a reply based on past experiences, so thought I'd ask here.

    The program doesn't seem to have a function to leave Ezine Article author signatures in posts. I tried all the different settings and couldn't get it to happen. The only thing I could get was to include a link back to the original article, but to comply with Ezines TOS you need the signature box too right?

    Also, anyone know of any Wordpress plugins which will automatically fill out all-in-one seo pack for auto scheduled posts?

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    I personally dont have autoblog kind of experience, but i have a friend who run lots of autoblogs with WPRobot, which make him hundreds of thousands $$$ each months. He only put adsense, amazon and several other affiliate programs on those sites, its all automatic
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  • Profile picture of the author FreeI
    I've used AutoBlog Samurai for the last few months and I didn't realize how effective it was until I got rid of it. I use the English-French-English translation with no problem and it all passed Copyscape as unique.

    The Clickbank content added is garbage and the RSS is kind of buggy, but submissions from eZine work perfect. Amazon works well also.

    I'll probably be getting it again. I don't see how autoblogged or wprobot can compare to ABSamurai because they both pull from RSS and we all know it's difficult to find quality RSS feeds. I could be missing something tho.

    So yes, ABSamurai is definitely worth it.

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    I just got this program, and I am slowly seeing results as more and more posts are being added. I just have 1 problem tho. I hope someone can help me. When the pictures from the Rss post into blogger, they don't show, just a small white box where they are suppose to be.

    How do I fix this, and I need these pictures to spice things up
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  • Profile picture of the author Rich Roberts
    The pictures that you are trying to display are being hot-linked meaning the original image is being store on the site the software is getting the feed from. The site may have some sort of content locker or something like that which prevents the image from being hot-linked to reduce their server bandwidth usage.
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