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I'm planning on contacting local businesses in my area with an offer to increase their site traffic and business by increasing their rankings on Google.

I am targeting businesses that already gross quite a bit (1,000,000+ a year), have a middle to high overhead (50-70%), and can really benefit directly from having more people see their site on the first page of google. Also, I am targeting businesses that are already on page two of google, and plan on going for keywords that have some irrelevant/useful search results on page 1 that I think will be pretty easy to outrank.

My question is, what should I charge? The first company I am wanting to try this with I am fairly confident I can get them to pull the trigger on my service and I have somewhat of a plan- which is to get them high up on the first page of google for 5 keywords, as well as in the top of the google local businesses section for those 5 keywords as well.

I've never done this for a business that makes good money, but I'm confident in my skills and my only concern is I don't want to throw a price out there that is too much, but at the same time I am targeting businesses that gross a lot and will directly benefit from more hits on their site.

$2000 for the service as described? $5000?

Also, is there any kind of "kicker" service I can offer these clients that can make them a monthly paying customer of mine?

All help is appreciated, thanks!
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    Interesting question and reasonable price also your idea and logic behind this is really awesome and after saw this discussion I searched about this and I found very inserting and positive view about this .
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      any help is greatly appreciated
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      any help is greatly appreciated
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    Have you checked your local competition for the same services to see what they are charging.

    In most cases you will probably find they are not stating prices up front but asking prospects to either use their quote form online to get a quote or a phone number to call them.

    In this situation there is more involved with proving you are an expert on your business site via your portfolio of case studies, testimonials from existing clients etc.

    I kind of imagine you will find like I have, that if you low ball a price to a couple of these "larger" businesses to get the work, and you prove yourself by delivering what you advertise, you will get whatever your asking price is as long as it is reasonable.

    What is reasonable depends on exactly what all you do to achieve the search engine positioning they want, (Obviously everybody wants page one listings) whether you're doing locdal SEO, regional or national in organic listing, how many search phrases they want to rank for and any add-ons such as getting them listed in citation sites (Local business directories, BBB, any associations they are part of etc).

    I hope this helps your thinking process on this issue a little bit at least.

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    Why are you looking at a one time fee vs a recurring monthly fee? Do you think that once you have helped move them up to page one, they will stay? Or, do you intend to work for free after collecting the fee, in order to keep them on page 1?
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