Have I Just Made A Mistake?

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After setting up my new site I started building some back links manually by myself.

For back links I submitted a few articles with keyword anchor text, created a squidoo page, youtube video & some forum profile links.

But I decided to pay an SEO service to get some back links for me in the form of blog comments.

I had 50 links going to the home page of my site & another 50 to another page on my site.

In total I have 100 of these links going to my site. - ( they have keyword anchor text. )

I'm getting a little worried though. I'm hearing people talk about getting “google slapped” for mass spammy links like this & getting poor rankings.

What do you think?

Have I had a mistake buying these links?
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    Don't worry. If you're getting 1000's of links overnight then you should get worried.
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    I think there's nothing to worry about as long as you perform your task well in SEO with quality this will enable you to maintain its position in google ranking. SEO is an infinite method it will not stop.
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      I wouldn't worry about that. Even the best case scenario they were all approved and you had 100 blog comments pointing at your site over night. Google won't find them all at once. It will take days/weeks for google to find them. So it'll look natural either way.
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    I wouldn't worry too much at 50 links. But if you multiplied that by 10 or a 100, and all the links had the same ip address from a team working within the same room...then you might want to re think your outsourcing. Just my opinion though.
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    Only time will tell. What's considered "safe" today, may not be tomorrow.

    Focus+Smart Work+Persistence=Success

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    Originally Posted by Barry$ View Post

    I'm hearing people talk about getting "google slapped" for mass spammy links like this & getting poor rankings.
    50 links is hardly massive. It's more like minuscule or microscopic.

    50K links, now that's massive and may draw manual attention.
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    I just spent 7 days in the google sandbox and finally came out. I kept building links to the new site, went from 50 to 100 and the site popped out at #6 and was previous #8
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    If your site is new and your link building (blog commenting) was done with a messy comments and unrelated site., Maybe it will end to being filtered by google.
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