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by Glynn
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:confused: I have read a lot of training recently that says a new domain should be set up for each micro blog in order to get good ranking ie. - - Surely if you have a domain that already has a lot of links and is ranked in the search engines it is better to just add more sub-domains ie. - - and simply build some links to it.
If this were not the case blog posts would not be able to get high rankings. ie.- Doing it this way also means that I can diversify and still be adding more content to my website making google happy.
I have set up several blogs using this system and manage to get them on google page one, sometimes in a matter of days ( I recently made a post that appeared at No1 instantly against close to half a million results) and I don't have to worry about submitting the sites as they get indexed automatically within minutes.
So why should I buy a new domain for each micro blog I set up?

By the way to make matters worse (in theory) I use the wordress multiple blog system so my blogs are actually - and I still get them onto page 1
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    I feel that this would be based on the niches themselves.
    New domains should be used if the micro niches are very competitive and the hole niche is dominated by a singular keyword.

    Another thing to take into consideration is how long is the main domain you will be utilising to make subdomains on?
    having a keyword rich domain is important however it will become a lot less effective if it is diluted by a long main domain e.g.
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    Are you taking about adding sub domains or adding categories as they are very different things.

    If you are talking categories or posts then yes you can just add related keyword content to make your site larger.

    I buy new domain for each niche blog I make and then just make that blog bigger by using google wonder wheel to give me related categories that I can get content for.

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    Think a subdomain is treated as a separate domain in the sense that it does not receive link juice from being associated with the primary.

    Also, your example is not a subdomain. A subdomain is
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    I never make subdomains for my micro/macro niche sites. If making money is a serious endeavor for you, I'd stick to buying one domain per new site you create.
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    If the sub-domain is only one page then it's not worth buying a separate domain. Just add the 'micro niche' sub-domain page to an existing site providing that the micro niche is related to the main domain. I would not add completely unrelated sub-domains to a site this will effect the overall structure of a site and how search engines view it.
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    Thanks for all the answers so far,
    Sorry my question is not to clear, to try and clarify my question:

    So far I have:

    Each of these are completely different niches yet with a little work (article and video posting plus simple social bookmarking posting for links) I manage to get them and/or their subsequent posts onto google page 1 in anything from 2 minutes (yes really) to 6 weeks.

    From what I've read these results are very acceptable so why should I go to the expense of buying a new domain for each blog?

    I want to find the best way because I intend publishing blogs for dozens of different niches and want the fastest most efficient way of getting to the top of the search engines.

    I recently started a series of wordpress pages based on reviews. It normally takes me two to three weeks to get a site onto google page 1 for quite high ranking search words. Best Product Review

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      If it is working for you then fine, continue doing it.
      Your model is similar to hubpages, squidoo, ehow, etc which get page 1 results in some niches. I can't see what is wrong with your model as it is (well except maybe putting your eggs in 1 basket).
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