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HR Intranet Portal - (Demo Account provided upon request)

A very user-friendly and stable web portal having an eye-catching look with attractive graphics and images. The portal is developed using PHP/MySQL and not only supports browser compatibility but also a very user-friendly system to add/modify/delete content from the portal.

The main objective of this portal is to provide the workers of an organization a platform, where they can not only keep track of what is going within the organization through the newsfeed section but can also share different pictures of organizational events with their colleagues.

The portal was initially designed for the Human Resources Department, Philips and has been running successfully on their servers since the past two weeks with zero errors logged and has been receiving positive responses from the higher authorities of the company.

Following are the features of the portal:

Secure Log-in System – Much care has been taken to ensure the security of the portal.

User privileges – There are two kinds of users for this portal. One being the admin, having the rights to add/modify/delete content from the portal, and the second being the user, who can only view the information.

Browser Compatibility – The Portal has been tested on IE(7,8), Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox(3.x).

Pages of the Portal:

HR Team – Displays the pictures along with an about-me of HR Team.

Organizational Chart – Displays the organizational hierarchy of the organization.

Talent and Development – Displays the in-house training calendar and the external training calendar.

Picture Gallery – Displays the pictures of events organized into different folders.

Newsfeed – Displays the news archive.

Employee of the Month – Displays the information of the Employee of the Month.

Writer's Corner – Displays the written contributions from the employees of the organization.

Photographers' Click – Displays the photographs of various genre contributed by the employees of the organization.

Bookworm – Displays the downloaded recommended readings for the employees of the organization.

Contact Us – Displays the contact information.

Policies and Presentations – Displays different policies and presentations of the organization, which can be downloaded as well.

On The Bright Side – Displays a rather interesting piece of information with the employees.

Privacy Policy – Displays the privacy policy of the organization.

Terms of Use – Displays the terms of use of the Portal.

FAQs – Displays the FAQs along with their answers.

Feedback – Displays the feedback from the employees and gives the ability to the users to leave a feedback.

WebMaster – Displays the information about the WebMaster.

Change Password – Enables the users to change their passwords.

CSR Section – A Corporate Social Responsibility section which has it own home page, projects page and picture gallery, and its own system for adding/modifying/deleting information.

A link to the Time Management System.

The price of auction is exclusive of the domain & hosting prices. The price includes any addition or subtraction of pages and changes in the content to the present Portal, and installation on the server.
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