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There is certainly potential for No Cost traffic Blueprint and I am sure there are those out there that can take advantage of its possibilities. For me, however, things have not been so easy.

I bought Ben Shaffer's system almost a month ago and had trouble getting the system installed. It was a very frustrating experience for me and I have since lost the drive to get through it. It proved to be much more difficult than I anticipated and I have neither the time nor the patience to continue struggling through each step. Nonetheless, I know others have had a better experience and Ben has contacted me personally about my frustrations.

I have modified this thread and have deleted negative comments that may have been unfair. It is not my objective to damage anyone's reputation, but I also owe it to other warriors to be as honest about the experience as I can. I do not believe this is a bad product and am certain there is potential for someone who is more technically suited for the challenging installation process.

If you are considering purchasing this system, you can PM me and I will be more than happy to give you a more complete review.

Dino Maiolo
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    Hi Supafly!

    I am waiting you finish your setup process. He says that he takes only 90 minutes.
    The concept its so amazing.

    Could you tell me anymore?
    I am going to use it in Spain in spanish. Do you see any problem using in Google

    Thank you!
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      Gusanetti - I never finished the installation and have since requested a refund from the developer. I hope you have better luck.


      User banned from this site for being relevant.

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        My girlfriend bought this product, and worked it everyday for almost 2 months. In the last few weeks I also put time in writing articles as instructed to put up what was needed each day.

        Ben's staff actually changed somethings after the fact. As an example, she used the wordpress theme that Ben uses in his tutorials, and a month after she had been working on it and contacted his support, they looked at the theme and said that is not a good wordpress theme to use because it showed the designer information at the bottom of the site.

        Maybe that should of been a signal to return it, how could they make their training videos with a theme that is recommended NOT to use?

        They recommended a WP theme, which cost and additional 60 dollars. To make a long story short, with his staffs approval that our site was ready to submit to Google, we submitted it.

        A few days later we were denied by Google. So, she paid 497 for the product, did everything she needed to do, and the only one who makes money is Ben.

        This is another product that gives IM a bad image. I have heard and read on different sites that most people don't take action and that is why they fail. Another reason people fail with IM is because they believe a product will work, and put all their time into it just to see it is flawed or that it doesn't work.

        If this product is so great, then the warranty needs to reflect that. Someone who has not used this product before cannot complete it in 30 days. If the warranty were to reflect that, or Ben were to step up and say show me you did everything you were asked to do and it didn't work and I will refund your money, then you have a product that the seller knows will work and is standing behind.

        A warrant of that type sends a signal that you are working with a quality product, and a person who stands behind his product. If you find that, I say go for it. That is not the case here, so stay away.

        If you do not do the work, then you should not receive a refund. If your product is crap then you should not keep the payment. Simple

        It is a great product, for Ben. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT unless you can get the warranty to exceed the time it takes to put up a site, which is MUCH longer than 30 days!
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    To the person sending me a PM, please PM me again and include an email I can respond to. I do not have 50 posts on Warrior Forum, so I cannot reply to your PM.
    Thank you
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    Thank you both very much for that feedback. I've just sat through 1 1/2 hours of sales pitch ... and you've saved me that money. thank you.
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    I am getting ready to try and put together a Google News site using No Cost Traffic Blueprint. Would you mind telling me what exactly gave you a lot of trouble so I may be able to avoid the same problems. I would appreciate it. Thanks,Sam
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      I purchased No Cost Traffic Blueprint about a month ago. There is enough information in order to get the site built and populated. The posts, however, using the automated content generator, are ones that essentially have to be rewritten. Ben suggests 3 months worth of posts (about 100 over 7 or 8 categories). The package also includes images that are automatically attached to the posts. The problem is they have no correlation with the post topic so they have to be replaced with non-copywrited images (Ben provides image links). I am still working on site to populate with quality content; this is the key - write well or purchase posts from quality authors. Do not cut and paste from other sites.

      I spent a great deal of time selecting a theme. I purchased a few and tried about 30 others before I found one that satisfied my needs. Make sure it is a news or magazine theme look at the majors such as Fox, CNN, MSNBC and so on to get a feel for what is appropriate. Don't re-invent the wheel.

      I'm satisfied enough to keep going and Ben seems to cover all the steps necessary to get the site into a state that will be acceptable to Google. Regarding customer service; they are responsive but it is an overnight process. They are based in England (5 hours later than eastern time) and they do get back to you and are helpful.

      I will post an update as I progress.

      Good Luck
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    Sam, it would be great if you also could update us with your progress using the No Cost Traffic Blueprint. I just watched the video and (as I usually do) got very excited by the presentation.

    Common sense suggests that if the number of applications for Google News approved sites suddenly jumps, the standards for acceptance will be much higher.

    The concept sounds great, but whether the same results can be achieved en masse is debatable.
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    im also going through the program. not the work i thought i was going to be doing they painted it to be quick.but nothing comes easy. im sending my site for approval this week. soo ill update it here with what happened
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      (im also going through the program. not the work i thought i was going to be doing they painted it to be quick.but nothing comes easy. im sending my site for approval this week. soo ill update it here with what happened)

      Did you ever get the site approved?
      I have been toying with this for over the 30 days, now I wonder if it is worth the effort, due to the question of approval - I have a VA I am also paying to work on this so it is getting expensive.

      Any updates from people who have actually gotten approved sites?
      Or not?

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    I recently had a site disapproved, which I think I'm going to clone and resubmit.

    I'm not sure whether I'd recommend the course or not. As far as I know it's the only Google News course out there, and it is detailed and a good course. However, it's a LOT more work than they'd have you believe. Even in the training they don't tell you how much work it is... a lot of the work I had to do I didn't find out until someone from the course reviewed my site and told me I had to redo and improve a bunch of stuff.

    Also, most of the auto content is basically useless. The images are definitely useless... I went back and replaced every single one of them. Also, throughout the course the guy who was helping me didn't specifically say that you'd get disapproved without 3 months of original content, but he stated many many times that it's best to have this much original content before submitting (maybe this was a not so explicit way of saying this).

    Anyway, I waited for one and a half months to hear back from Google after submitting the site... each day posting new content (I expected to wait only a few days). Finally I get a disapproval e-mail back. I check the site stats and see that my site was reviewed by Google for exactly one minute and 20 seconds.

    I wrote support and they suggested that too much of the content was copied... although the only content I ever used from another article was quoted material, i.e. "My music is horrible," Lady Gaga stated on Friday. Support used info copyscape gave as an example.

    I'm wondering if Google used copyscape and noticed copied content and disapproved it without realizing that everything "copied" was a quote.

    Anyway, to summarize, the course is a LOT of work, and much more work than they make it out to be. Even if you do a good job you may get disapproved by Google with no reason why whatsoever.
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