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Alright, I did a virtual checkout for a .us domain i was looking to purchase (I havent really had experience with .us before so I wanted to give it a shot) but before checkout it asked if i was a US citizen or resided in the US or operated a US business. This confuses me. I understand the premise that they want only US pupils using the domain but does this mean that the .us domain is isolated to US traffic? In other words, in any way that I target traffic will i only be able to reach American audience even if the global audiences I want to reach speak English?

Since I know so little about the .us extension this is merely a question because I honestly have not ventured much past .com and .net. If this is a ridiculously simple and a "duh" question, forgive me. The domain i am purchasing is for a product review site. It can already be hard enough to get targeted traffic. I dont want a technicality associated to my domain extension hindering my site's performance.
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