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Hey Warriors,

I wanted to make a post about trend marketing and the power of being in the first position of Google.

Halloween is almost over, but with proper planning sometime around mid September you could of position yourself to be #1 in Google banking on Halloween Costume sales.

This is something that I did, and something as marketers you should be on the look out for. I created a large number of websites selling costumes. Each site sold one specific costume.

Below I'm going to attach a shot of my commissions on a daily scale. What I want you guys to note is the difference in revenue from the #4 position in Google to the #1 position in Google.

Yes ranking top 5 is a great achievement, but in reality, being the #1 is where the money is at.

Taking a ride in that first position of Google with a trend is also where the BIG money is at.

With every keyword or product that you are thinking about targeting, you really should check out:

Google Insights for Search

It will show you where your trend is at, cause keep in mind that your search results that you receive on a keyword are an average over a specific time period.

In some cases like Halloween, specific keywords got search 30 times a day. However during Halloween it multiplies itself by 6. So now the keyword gets searched 180 times a day, first position of Google gives me 90 uniques a day for that specific keyword.

Target 5 keywords = 450 uniques a day, thus why you see the commission below.

Want to know if Internet Marketing can really produce big money, take that screen shot and multiply it by 80.

When Should you Plan for a Trend?

You really want to start planning 2-3 months in advance, the harder the competition the farther out you want to give yourself time to get to the #1 position of Google.

Is Christmas a Trend?

I don't consider Christmas a trend, but it is a general increase in retail sales. Trends are large spikes in traffic. Certain trends to consider are:

Valentines Day
Mothers Day
Fathers Day

There are a lot of smaller trends, especially internationally, it just takes some research.


If your interested I posted a picture below to help show you live action trend marketing and how it takes effect in the first position of Google. This is one website.

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