How do you get backlinks by posting videos?

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I opened an account at Youtube.
When I opened the account they asked for a url, which I provided.

I made a video.

Next, I uploaded the video. During this process they also asked for a url, which I provided.

After uploading the video, I want and watched it.

After watching the video, I looked for my url link back to my site.
I wanted to see the backlink that I though I was getting.

I was not able to find a backlink.

I thought posting videos was a way to get backlinks.

What am I missing?
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    Post a link to your site in the video description on YouTube. The video description will get indexed by Google, so use that to your advantage.

    Put the link FIRST!

    Hope this helps.

    Joe Mobley


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    Congrats on getting a video up on youtube.

    After you have created the video it will ask for a description of your video, in this section add your URL. I always put the URL first then the description. I also put the URL of my site as the last thing in my video.
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    Congrats on taking action even without knowing all the steps. The best way to learn is by "DOING".

    Your site's URL in the description (it should be at the very beginning for best results) will definitely provide a link to your website but that link is "no-follow" and supposedly will not give you SEO benefit.

    Go to "My Channel" (drop-down off your username) and edit your profile to add your website's url and that will not be a no-follow link

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    Thus was helpful. I just went back and added my link to the video I uploaded the other day. I wondered how this was done.

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      In addition to filling out the "blanks" in the youtube description and tag area, you should consider, when making your next video, to also "water mark" the URL to your site on the video itself.

      During the editing process of your video, add, in white text, the either at the beginning, and the ending or both.
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    If you want to get backlink from youtube than your video's should be very famous and should be in most visited video's than you can make comment through your account.
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