Has anyone ever ranked well in Google with a .org.uk domain?

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Simple question:

Has anyone ever ranked well in Google with a .org.uk domain?

Decent .com / .net / .org, keyword rich, domain names are few and far between these days (unless you've got $100,000 + to spend that is).

I've been looking at the org.uk domains for a while now but didn't know how well they're treated in the SERPS by Google.

All things, SEO wise, being equal - do you think there's any difference between a .com and a .org.uk for SEARCH TRAFFIC ONLY?

Commercially, I know the .com looks much nicer but I haven't got $100,000 to burn

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    Why would you need $100,000 to spend for any .com name? if you are a bit more creative you can have almost any .com name with your main keyword in it.

    Instead of dogtraining.com, you can get dogtrainingsite.com. Although less effective than dogtraining.com, you won't have to spend $100,000 to aquire it.
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      yeah - i'm fully aware of that but, in my experience, it's 50 TIMES EASIER to rank for KWs when you have the exact KW in your main URL.
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