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So I'm working on several Amazon review sites, some of which it is my intention to make into authority sites with hundreds of pages each. I have quite literally hundreds of keywords right now that I'd like to go after. This is a huge job, but I'm willing to invest the time and money necessary to do well.

Do you guys have any recommendations for ways to manage a big job like this? Software that tracks what keywords I'm going after for which pages and tracks things I've done for them and how they're ranking? Any advice in general about targeting a lot of keywords like that?
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    You will definitely need some kind of automation software. Scrapebox would do well, maybe consider investing into SEnuke. Something like that. There is really no point going after this many keywords without any kind of automation involved.
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    oh yeah I fully intend to use lots of automation. What I am wondering is if there is any software out there that will act like a task manager for me, to keep track of all the keywords and how they are ranking and what I need to do for them.
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      SEO Powersuite, Rank Tracker will track your ranks and that, in turn, will tell you what you need to do for your keywords.

      Then, get a dripfeedblasts subscription.

      Scrapebox is a good investment.


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        Thanks that was very helpful. I'm definitely going to check out dripfeedblasts it seems pretty awesome.
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    3 LETTERS! IBP. This is exactly what you are looking for. It will take you about 2-3 hours to get use to it. This software will solve all your keyword tracking SEO efforts! I hope this helps.

    EMDVault find all your EXACT MATCH DOMAIN
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    I've been using SEO Elite from Brad Callen for about 2 years to track all my site rankings. It gives you a graph of your progress as well as your current ranking and best ranking for that keyword. Not sure how much it is now but its definitely been worthwhile for me.


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