How Can I Make $500 a day within 3 months

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Im new to IM and this forum. I need to make some money and have just inherited a lump sum thereforw I have a budget of $10000 and want to be earning $500 a day in three months.

Is this possible?
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    Sure this is possbile however you need to know what your doing and where you going to focus your efforts.

    I would suggest learning either PPC or CPV. There are numeorus sites on the internet where you can learn the techniques. Read all the posts on PPC and CPV and get learning before you start spending money on ads.

    PM me if you need any advice and I will be more than willing to assist.
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    Personally, I think if you don't know anything about web marketing yet, you probably need to have at least one month to learn about how to make money online first. I'm learning it too. lol.
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    With these money, I think you can buy a website that produce already this amount of money. It's difficult to boost a site from zero to 500 per month in just three months. Is not impossible, but is difficult.
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      Originally Posted by CatalinIcs View Post

      With these money, I think you can buy a website that produce already this amount of money. It's difficult to boost a site from zero to 500 per month in just three months. Is not impossible, but is difficult.
      I would go with that, look around in Flippa or other similar places and you can find some good websites for sale that are already making some decent income and you can always improve them.

      So, if you decide to go for that then you should also get some advice on how to buy a website so that you wont get scammed.

      If you really want to start from scratch you should give yourself bit more time them 3 months as this is just too fast and it will be too much pressure.
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    If you don't know what you're doing you can easily lose that $10,000 in IM. In my opinion you should take the time to learn everything, and use your money wisely. I used to have a good amount of money as well, but I was careless and lost most of it. Though I'm earning money now, I wish I set a budget for myself. Find a method and stick to it, and work hard. Even if you have the money you shouldn't use it so much. What gets people successful is how Resourceful they are, not only how much resources they have.
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    Originally Posted by nanci43587 View Post

    Im new to IM and this forum. I need to make some money and have just inherited a lump sum thereforw I have a budget of $10000 and want to be earning $500 a day in three months.

    Is this possible?
    The worst thing you can do is have a big budget and not know what to spend it on. I know from experience.

    If you have zero experience making money online I advise you to not spend much at all. Spend $60 ($10 domain and $50 VPS server) and set up a blog and monetize it with adsense.

    Find out how to do this in detail by using the best free education tool out there - Doing this will teach you a ton and you'll know afterwards what to spend your money on to scale up.

    If you have SOME experience making money online then jump into PPC BUT... BUT... set a monthly budget of $500. Spend $500 per month until you can figure out how to profit. If you go through the $500 then stop and figure out what went wrong until next month. During this time you can also build up seo based income. This gives you experience based on action. At $500/month your 10K in capital would last you for 20 months even if you never made a dime. If you can't figure out how to monetize paid traffic in 20 months then it's time to start digging ditches and mowing lawns.

    Also after a month or two of working on PPC you should reach out to some Affiliate Managers at CPA networks. Tell them what you've done, your results, and your goals. If you go to a CPA manager with a track record of working hard they (the good ones anyway) will help you out.

    One of the worst things you can do in your situation is go spend a bunch of money on "how to make money" education products. Action will get you results.
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      Just to echo what everyone else has basically said - someone who knows what they are doing can make $500 in an hour. The thing is, it takes a lot of time and learning to get to that point. The basic path of all Internet Marketing is to find a system (CPA, Ads, Article marketing, MFA, Affiliate Products, etc etc), take action, stick to the system, tweak until you find success and then scale up.

      i am only a beginner in IM and make like... a quarter a day thus far, but what I can tell you after reading my share of systems and WSO's is that there is no boilerplate system. In order to make any system work you need to understand quite a few things and it is hard to get there from scratch in only months.

      That said, you wont get anywhere if you don't start.
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    I personally feel that you're setting your goals unrealistically. Reason I say that is firstly, in order to be good at something, you need to know what you're doing. A lot of people here are being kind and saying that it can be done, but how man Warriors can honestly say that they've started to earn $500 per day within 3 months consistently?

    There are several ways you can do this. You can initially purchase a new domain name, develop content, do on-page, off-page SEO, and learn as you go along, making mistakes (as we all do) and learning from them. Once you are familiar with a process that works, you can start to refine this and tweak it around your individual sites, offers etc. If you're new to this then AdSense is probably the best way to go since its very easy to setup and you can be up an running quickly. It could realistically take upto a year or so (depending on how tough your competition is) before you start to see some 'real' results and allow yourself to gain some valuable experience and derive conclusions as to what is working and what isn't. You may not even be earning much but at least you will be familiar with traffic generation techniques which is the lifeblood of your on-line business. This is KEY!

    If you are in a hurry then you can buy other websites, there are many out there but again, if you're new to it then you will not know what to look out for. The due diligence process for buying a website can be a pain but it covers your a$$ and helps you mitigate your risks.

    Since you have a pretty healthy budget, you can outsource a lot of your work and build sites quickly but you have the potential to be ripped off if you don't know what you want.

    PPC - This can be a huge earner for you. Like some of the Warriors above mentioned, Google has a comprehensive training guide on PPC and if you learn this right you can make a serious amount of cash from either selling other peoples products (Affiliates) or selling your own....

    Which bring some onto my last point. The way to really kill it is to sell your own product, a lot of Warriors make healthy incomes from doing this but obviously it needs to be something of value.

    In essence, I think that in order for you to do most of the things I've mentioned above, you really need to pull your sleeves up and do it all yourself initially. Once you know whats working, you'll be able to delve into other areas and opportunities with a lot more confidence and knowing that you won't blow your money away. Remember that IM is marathon and not a sprint.

    Hope it helps and good luck with your endeavours!


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    It's possible BUT you still need a proper and concrete planning. You need further research to boost your knowledge. My advice is start low. Don't settle for the complex side if you're just carving your name on the web marketing world.
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      From the way you ask, i would say that it would be very hard to earn that ammount per day.

      Start with something logical and achievable, like 100$ per month. And expect at least a year to reach that. After that, if you have mastered the game you can earn more but i doubt $500 per day, at least not from one website.

      Good luck.

      And be sure you spend a week reading all those threads here.
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    If you are completely new to blogging, I would say it is pretty hard for you to make $500 a day in 3 months.
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    Rather than jumping onto any niche, spend time learning everything thoroughly. Though you can outsource all the work, but you still got to know what you are about to do. Warrior forum is a big place with huge knowledge. And don't buy any ebook you find which says
    "Make $1000 a day", just visit more and more threads on this very forum. You will learn a lot. It won't happen in a single go, but with time you will start to get the hang of it.

    Best of luck on your venture.
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      Simply go the conventional route. Learn initially, within a budget (maybe $1000). Figure what all skills you would be good at. Then focus. Create a website - make a professional-looking one with the right kind of content since you can hire experts easily with a part of your budget. Make 2 websites if you can - just in case one does not work out.

      Now invest in PPC or SEO, whichever you are more comfortable at (you shall know that after you read). PPC, if you know what you are doing, is the quickest route but can bleed you money if you don't know what you are doing (usually takes a bit of money to start up and learn from the first few mistakes but earns fast as rocket after that). In SEO you need to target the right keyphrases, else you shall bleed in terms of time.
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