whats the traffic difference between the 1st spot and seventh?

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I'm ranking seventh for a keyword phrase on google and I get about 10 visitors a day. Do you think if I got in 1st or 2nd, that it would make a huge difference?
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    Sure that will make a huge difference, i think 50% users clicks first ranking site for the keyword, other 50% go to 2nd-10th sites on the page.
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    Right from my No Joke Guide: How to Build INcome Earning Websites:

    The estimate is that about 90% of all clicks go to first page results. About 42% go to number 1, with around 63% going to the top 3, and 74% going to the top 5. That 3 out of every 4 clicks going to the top 5, and 6 out of every 10 going to the top 3. That means if you're in position 8 for a 3,000 a month word (100 searches a day), don't expect much.

    Percent of Clicks by Position (from SEOBook.com):

    1. 42.13%
    2. 11.90%
    3. 8.50%
    4. 6.06%
    5. 4.92%
    6. 4.05%
    7. 3.41%
    8. 3.01%
    9. 2.85%
    10. 2.99%

    I have a site that tends to sit in position 7 for a keyword that shows 12,000 exact match searches a month according to GAKT (about 400 a day). It gets between 15-20 clicks a day. Every now and then the site pops up into position 2 or 3 for a few days. When that happens, my clicks go up to 100 - 150 a day. That's a big jump. That's why you want to aim for the top 3.
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      Wow, thanks for that.. good info!
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    If I may add, first page -- especially #1 -- ranking also bolsters your website's / company's credibility.
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