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Good day all, I need an advice on these crucial issues below:
1.My site is in html and want to upgrade it to php , which means all the pages will have php extension. My website is doing well in search engines, what would I do, as I fear I will loose my ranking? Please what is the solution?

2. one of websites I am running, planning to have multiple domains like, etc all using one database, that means all the contents in the domains will be identical, Would search engine penalize us for this?
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    1. You should make 301 redirect from .html to .php pages. That way majority of old pages strenth will be passed to new pages. Althought, not fully, you will loose some strenth but only smaller part. You have to deside and vague if moving content to new pages is worth doing that.

    2. Bad idea. Either make different content, or make 301 redirect all to one main domain.
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      1. I actually bought a very large flat site. All the files were .html. The site was ranking very good. So instead of changing everything to .php, I setup my host to parse HTML files as PHP files. Therefore I could use PHP code within a .html file. Yes there is a hit on speed, but it was minor and I compensated by doing a detailed speed analysis, making small changes here and there. I would look into this option. If you did a 301 redirect on all of your pages at once you will see a hit. It should return, but no guarantees.

      2. I agree with thealeksandar, make different content. I've never tested across other domain extension before so I could not tell you for sure.
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    thealeksandar and jgsketch thank you for your your assistance, I am bit relief as I was wondering how to go about this No 1 question for some time now. Although, I am still open for more options.

    The No 2 question for now seems to be no go area judging by responses above.

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      Originally Posted by perfect View Post

      The No 2 question for now seems to be no go area judging by responses above.
      thealeksandar's right.

      For #2, you definitely want to 301 redirect all those domains that you bought to your primary domain (probably .com).

      This will mean MUCH less work for you too.

      If you don't do this and just pull the same info from the DB, you're going to get penalized for rankings and it's not going to be cost effective, in terms of programming.
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    As a bit of general advice I would suggest not being too worried about making mistakes. If your new online marketing then you will not get things perfect first time, but it's all part of a learning process.
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