a backlink coming from .edu with country TLD is worth how much?

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Hello Warriors,

If someone offers you a permanent one way backlink on a .edu.(country tld), will Google give it as much importance as many people claim? How can permanent backlinks from .edu domains count and what'd be the cost of it in case it is just registered and has no PR yet?

Some SEO experts claim that a permanent backlink from a .edu domain is worth a lot and it costs around $20/month.. What do you say? Is it worth $20 for a single permanent backlink for a .edu domain with no PR for now?
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    The link juice you get from a .edu domain depends on
    the same factors any other domain extension does:
    number, diversity and quality of links.

    Everything else is irrelevant.

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    the fact that is an .edu does not mean that it automatically carries more authority or more weight than any other extension. The fact is that many edu's have good quality backlinks. It is always important to see what kind of links the page you want the link from has when researching whether a link is quality or not.
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    having a .edu.(country tld) over a .edu only means the education website isn't in the US. Only Education authorises within the US can have a .edu, everyone else gets .edu(county tld) - apart from the UK we got our own '.ac.uk'

    In all cases they are domain names only given out to authority educational bodies and thats why they are seen as "better" for backlinks.

    In truth they are seen by Google as a authority site
    --> within the websites niche <---
    So if you get a backlink to your pig farm website from a .edu.(country tld) about quantum physics Google are going to look at this like WTF.

    Apples with Apples - or in.EDU terms Apples with 'authority Apples'
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    Just remember that though it may hold a bit more creditability all other factors are still just as important.
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    Not all edu.xx are the same. Edu.xx without much history or authority (ie. brand new ones) are a waste of time unless you are planning on developing them with plenty of time and money. But there are some good ones out there.
    For example, the suffix for China is .cn, so educational facilities in China use .edu.cn....here are some examples.... PR8 Peking University (english.pku.edu.cn/), PR8 Zhejiang University (zju.edu.cn) and PR9 Fudan University (fudan.edu.cn/)...All are universities using a country specific variation of the US dominated Edu domain.

    Getting links on one of these edu.cn domains would most certainly help!
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    guys you are wrong, only .edu domains have that power becouse if you want register domian you have to show proof that you a educational institution:
    Starting in 2001, it was officially restricted to accredited post-secondary institutions and organizations that are accredited by nationally recognized accrediting agencies.
    .edu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    .edu.de edu.fr edu.pl etc. don't have that registering restrictions.
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      The link may look better, whatever that means, if you have a site
      geared for that country and you are using that country's extension,
      and it fits the niche.

      There is no magic for any extension as far as a link goes. It's
      all about PR and relevancy. Nothing else.

      That genericpage.edu.xx would probably have a PR of n/a or 0.
      The point would be moot.

      I think the extension, edu, does not even apply to anything outside the
      US. Which means, the domain would be edu, not extension, even if that

      So, the question is moot. There is no .edu tld extension for countries
      outside the United States.

      For higher eduction, they would use another extension, maybe .ac because
      oxford university in GB uses .ac.uk


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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