Please review my SEO strategy - starting to work well, but costly!

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I'm starting to get some success with IM, making some money, and my SERP rankings are improving quickly, but my campaign is ott, and I really need to trim down some of my monthly costs.

Can you please take a look at this, and spot where I can save money, and any improvements I could make to it.

Monthly costs:

SEnuke $127
Xrumer service Drip Feed Blasts 4,000 links/day...$200
Unique Article Wizard $67
10 private proxies $40
hostgator reseller plan $40


Obviously the Xrumer cost is too high, and I'm planning to trim it to 2,000 links a day to save money. I know, I know, I could buy the Xrumer program and learn to use it, but I just don't have the time or money right now. It's on the cards for when I am earning enough to more than break even. I never intended to spend this much on Xrumer profile blasts, but Drip Feed Blasts hiked their prices massively from $100 to $180 per 2,000 links a day, and I took the opportunity to upgrade before the price rise.

To flesh this out, I'm using WProbot for some of my content, writing the rest of it myself, and the core to my strategy is writing very unique articles to spin in The Best Spinner, and then submitting them to SEnuke, UAW, and Free Traffic System, hoping to get a good indexation rate because they are well spun, and use good grammar.

I buy expiring exact-match keyword domains, so I can link to them faster with less risk of a penalty, and the exact-match domain tactic works incredibly well! I managed to rank two respective websites 2nd and 5th for decent, converting long-tail keywords within a week of buying the domains!

I also use Backlink Energizer which uses the RSS feeds you put into the system to auto-post content with the links you give it to various web 2.0 sites and self-hosted Wordpress blogs for better indexing of those links.

I have Scrapebox for checking indexing and its comment blasts towards non-indexed backlinks created in SEnuke.

Any thoughts on improvement here then? Could someone suggest a useful way to use Scrapebox to help me with the IM tools I've got?
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    If you're just building a handful of sites a month, why not get link building packages of those services instead?

    If you're building a huge chuck of sites, there would be economies of scale and you would be able to make back many times more, unless you're going into the wrong niches.
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      Really i wonder how do you manage all these tools and tasks. If i have budget like yours, i will outsource website promoting task. I spend more time on planning my new websites & business.
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    You are spending a lot on the Xrumer for sure. You might as well buy Xrumer instead of paying so much for the blasts
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    Well, it seems like most of those costs stay the same no matter how many sites you are using to promote them (except maybe the Xrumer?).

    So, if you made more sites your profits would go up and your costs stay pretty much the same, right?

    The other thing you can do is test out building some sites without some of these services. For example, build a couple of sites and don't use UAW - do you still get good rankings? If no then perhaps this service is not effective for you.

    Test each one of the things you spend money on to see if it really is worth it (IMHO services like UAW are only effective for very non competitive keywords and if these are the types of keywords you are targeting perhaps using UAW and SENuke is overkill .... oh the other hand, if your keywords are somewhat competitive, then UAW might not be doing a thing for you).

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    I know there are several services in the Warrior's for hire section that offer these services for a one off fee. You should look there.
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    Thanks for getting back to me, I've cancelled one Xrumer service as planned.

    You're right, the costs are the same for everything regardless of how much effort I put in or how many sites I make, so it does make sense to make more.

    And yes, it's a lot of services to manage, but once I've written a good article that's UAW ready, it doesn't take much effort to optimize it for FTS and SEnuke, and Xrumer requires little management at all.

    But right now, I'm managing four 4 main sites, and I've got my hands full with them, perhaps the best approach here is to stay focused on them, and then once I get no.1 ranking that's fairly secure, dial back the submissions for that site, while of course still working on it enough to keep the ranking.

    Regarding the long-tail, or short-tail, it's interesting to note that as I'd hoped, I'm improving consistently in the short-tail rankings without featuring exact matches in the anchor text or the titles, the two most important SEO factors of all, but by targeting 10-30 related long-tail keywords that have overlapping words with them. So I don't think it should have to be a black and white question of 'am I going for short-tail or long-tail?'.

    I considered a package backlinking deal here, but what I was more interested in was what services the professionals offering the deals use, this is a great way to learn about some of the best IM tools, it's how I first discovered SEnuke and UAW. I've got more time than money right now, so I'd rather do it myself.
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    Some people on here are gonna hate you with that strategy, its all automated and many will see it as scraped content and spam links.

    but anyway, on topic. Buy xrumer for 3 months of what you are paying now. If not, why pay $180 for 2000 links a day. Go to and order 4000 links for $5, that works out at the same number of links in 30 days for $125.

    Dump SE Nuke and get Steve Hawkins "SEO link Robot", its a one off payment of I think $197 and it does basically what SE Nuke Does (my review is here).

    Just doing those things will save you thousands.
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    Seems a bit forced to me, do you end up profiting with that amount of expense?
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    the fact that its all automated doesnt always mean thats bad...however, the Xrummer alone will piss people off.....they are responsible for a ton of the internets spam (I would venture to say the majority of it actually). Just a bit of friendly advice, find something other than that and save not only money but your reputation!
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    If I were you, I'd stop wasting my on xRumer. It's nothing but pure spam. If they're sending out blog post spam, I'll bet 99% (or more) is getting removed and marked as spam. If it's building profile links, I'll bet the profiles are getting banned. It's not hard to spot xRumer blasts. Keep it up and your website is going to end up on so many blacklists that you're going to go insane trying to build links.

    Instead of xRumer, you should consider hiring a VA to manually build links. They're not going to be able to put out 4,000 links every day but I bet they'll get more links approved, indexed, and staying around longer than xRumer is.
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    Hmmm? Have you ever considered outsourcing your work?
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    & Resell Rights Products
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      Thanks then, I guess that in my eagerness to make money from IM, I've been willing to accept a little spam. As far as I was aware the worst impact it could have on a website is to get your site sandboxed for a while, and even then, it's only likely to happen if you site is new and/or you throw many, many links a day at it, like several hundred+. I have divided the Xrumer around my web 2.0 profiles as well as the site, but whether or not I'm seriously risking getting kicked out of the ranking, it's still damaging to a long-term reputation. OK, I get this, I might cancel all of it this month.

      Interesting new alternative to SEnuke, I've BM'd it. But SEnuke are bringing out a completely new software version soon that has some incredible features, you can set and forget your submissions, setting how gradually you want them to be submitted including randomization options so it looks very natural!

      Well if I were going to outsource, the options are for article writing and backlinking this this approach. But I have seen some of the articles that a lot of these services provide and they don't seem to be up to scratch, certainly not link-bait, and maybe they would be rejected by UAW or Google for poor grammar. In any case, I enjoy writing them. My strategy isn't completely automated.

      I might consider a backlinking deal from this forum as soon as one of these sites starts making real money, like a sale every other day.

      Thanks guys!
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    When you canceled Xrumer service, it will be $267 for you and its not too much.
    I just have a question and i really like that you answer it honestly. How much do you earn monthly from the websites you do above works for them?

    I love warriorforum.

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  • Profile picture of the author Dani723
    I make roughly the $267 a month I could reduce my costs to, it's a start.
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