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I recently read in an ebook how to create a "traffic middleman" site with Adsense ads on it for a highpaying keyword, and you bid much less money as an advertiser for the same keywords on a smaller PPC service. I think this is the called arbitrage, right? Is this against the Google terms of service? Or is it only a violation of TOS if you are buying Adword? Is there any reason for Google to care if you are doing it with ads on another PPC?

Thanks for any help. I don't want to lose my Adsense account, which I've heard has happened with arbitrage sites.
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    Whether it is against Adsense TOS or not is open to interpretation. But lots of people have lost their Adsense account because of it. Typically they receive a letter saying that their business model is incompatible with Adsense. So in other words, don't fo it.

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      I've heard about people losing their accounts for doing arbitrage with Adwords and Adsense (ie. both on Google), but I want to clarify if this has also happened for people using not Adwords but instead a small PPC service, like on search123 or something.

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    You may be able to get away with it for a while but in the long run you are likely to lose your Adsense account, it just depends how it takes for Adsense to realise what you are doing.

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