Backlink Tips for newbies - hope these help, feel free to add what i missed

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How do Backlinks Help?
Backlinks represent the single greatest measurement Google places on your websites relevancy or value. When other websites link back to your website, Google determines that because people are talking about you and linking to you, that you are the authority in your industry. When you have more backlinks than your competitors you rank higher for your keywords as Google wants to place the most relevant websites at the top of their search results. There are several types of Backlinks that all have more or less relevancy or value than the others. The types of links and amount of link variation are all important. They are listed below:

1) One-way link building
Here one site gets a link on another website due to the quality and usability purpose and not for the business purpose. The website whose link is posted does not need to provide an exchange link to obtain the link.
2) Reciprocal link building
Another widely used strategy of link building is 'reciprocal link building'. Here there is link exchange between two websites on a one to one basis. But one has to be careful in choosing the reciprocal partners, as fraud webmasters can take undue advantage of it. It is advisable to look out for quality partners and review their requests for links exchange before finalizing. These types of links don't represent a substantial portion of the links created for your campaign. The key here is relevancy and making sure the referring site is in the same or verticle industry.
3) Article submission
Article submission in various articles directories is a sure shot method to build an effective link strategy. We can write one article per day or as much as you want and do directory submission of your articles. Submission can be done in many directories altogether, where one-way links are given to your site from the articles. Other sites that use your articles also provide one-way link to your site from other websites.
4) Press release submission
Press release submission in various press release directory and leading news site is a great way to get natural back links from your press release articles. You need to write press release articles about your new product launches or news releases in your industry. Writing unique articles is key to getting your articles picked up by other websites who will syndicate your release on their websites along with your URL.
5) Triangular OR three way link exchanges
Here there is one-way link exchange between three websites. For example- site X gives link to site Y, site Y to site Z and site Z to site X. Thus all three sites have one-way links.
6) Social bookmarking and Social networking
Social bookmarking and social networking is one of the best ways to get back links and more visitors to your website. As per my experience it will send more traffic that will help to increase conversions.
7) Sig Links
Signature links are generally found in Forums where a member of a forum creates a signature that appears at the bottom of each post in the forums. A Signature contains information about the member along with a link to their website. Our Backlink teams will create profiles on relevant forums and create a signature with your link and Anchor text containing your keywords.
8) Blog Commenting
Blog Commenting is a great way to offer relevant responses to people interested in your products or services who have asked questions or responded to a blog post related to your industry. Here you are able to offer a third party recommendation for yourself in a natural and helpful manner. Our Backlink Specialists are trained to offer objective, valuable information in response to posts on Blogs that all link back to your website with anchor text containing your keywords.
9.) Answering Questions
Want a great way to reach out to your target market? Think of questions others may have about your industry, search for them on Ask.Com and answer those questions with insightful, well worded answers and you will garner the respect of your customers. At the bottom of your answer you can include your signature with a link to your website wrapped in anchor text.
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