Stupid question - anyone compare Blog Comment Demon, CommentHut and Scrapebox?

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I blog comment as part of my linking strategy, and it works or I wouldn't bother - but I need a better way to find blogs with DoFollow and higher PR.

Currently I simply use Google Advanced search queries, or use the "Blogs" feature in the sidebar in Google, coupled with SEOQuake to find higher PR blogs (though I comment on pages with no PageRank for G.P.).

Or, I'll use "Keyword"+"KeywordLuv enabled" or a number of other search strings...

If it sounds like a lot of work, it ain't...until you do it repeatedly...then it's just mind-numbing.

Anyhow: Blog Comment Demon by Edwinsoft, CommentHut by Paul Forcey or Scrapebox - these are my choices as I see it. All three seem to work great - and yes, I know about Comment Kahuna but it won't work on my system for some ridiculous reason.

I don't plan on using any tool to comment spam, I just want a URL harvester with PageRank, and DoFollow or NoFollow those are the three I'm considering.

Price is not the main issue (I can get SB for $57 like the next guy) - my main issue is: which is the best buy?

(I already think it's ScrapeBox, but hoping someone's used the other tools and can weigh in.)

That's it. My silly question. Thanks.
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    I've tried blog comment demon and it's not impressive, I'd stick with SB.
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    Appreciate that, razorhound. I was drawing that conclusion simply from the fact that SB has more functionality than merely blog commenting - just needed someone else to say so.

    Thanks for taking the time.
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    Np mate, it's well worth the money, enjoy your SB!
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      Gotta agree with the above. I just bought Blog Comment Demon, and it's not very good at all. I was surprised that it only generates 100 results on each search. Anyone knows that in a search of 100 WP blogs, you may find one or two that's dofollow. I'll be asking for my money back on Blog Comment Demon. Another vote for Scrapebox.
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        Thanks - yeah, BCD is strictly for manual commenting, but 100...seems pretty low. Had no idea it only gave that many...

        Just bought Scrapebox, and WOW.

        Plays nicely with Bookmarking Demon and Article Marketing Robot, and is great for tools like it where you can add targets (like Magic Submitter).

        L O V E this thing - and the FREE addons?! Unreal!

        Scrapebox. No comparison. Why's it so cheap I will never know...
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          You can't really go wrong with Scrapebox... Asking to compare it Blog Comment Demon is really unfair to BCD Lol! Scrapebox put Xrumer under.

          The possibilities are ENDLESS with Scrapebox! It SOOOOO much more than just a "blog commenter." I load up and test new proxies daily - keeping that list loaded anywhere from 150-250 good, low latent proxies!

          Oh... What a wonderful tool LOL! I get off on reverse engineer everyone that ranks in the top 50 for my keyword and stealing their backlinks and finding high PR auto approve blogs from Japan

          scott g
          "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."

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    SB is alright. I don't really use it that much because I'm busy working on my sites. I will need to use it soon though.

    I should build an e-commerce site that only sells waffles. And maybe pancakes.

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