Is PPC Advertising Bad for Affiliate Marketing?

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I've read somewhere that PPC advertising such as Google Adwords is not recommended for affiliate marketing, and that it's difficult to make a profit from PPC because:

1. Conversion rates are low.
2. PPC is good for repeat customers whereas in affiliate marketing you don't get many repeat customers.

I would like to know what you think about this. I think some marketers are using PPC to build up their mailing lists so I think that qualifies being called "repeat customers."
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    Many of the people who were banned by Google PPC, are affiliate marketers and people in the IM niche. Sure you want to take that chance? There are other paid methods, that can get you better results. In my experience (over 6 or so years), I found Google PPC to be expensive, and there will most likely be a period in which you will either lose money or just barely breaking even, until you learn the nuances of Google PPC very well. If you have the funds, it can be a worthwhile undertaking, after the initial learning curve, that is.

    Subscribe to good newsletters such as Perry Marshall's who is an excellent PPC teacher and be guided by his experience.
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    Originally Posted by loyski View Post

    I've read somewhere that PPC advertising such as Google Adwords is not recommended for affiliate marketing, and that it's difficult to make a profit from PPC
    LOL, you read wrong Bro!

    All the money is in PPC and its not difficult. That guys cheated you! PPC is one of the most profitable business models. The traffic from PPC campaigns is mostly of high quality in almost any niche.

    POF, Facebook and Adwords will alway be the best source of traffic Online.

    I believe Adwords contributes a really large percentage to Google total Income - And Google is among the richest companies in the world.

    You need to believe in it, then test it, then upscale it.
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    It is true in my case. Google is to slow approving my ads when sometimes too fast. There are many things to test either. So, I stick to what already work for me right now, and that's not PPC.
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    as for #2, you could always build a mailing list, and the list would be your asset, you could then promote affiliate products to your list, that prevents it from being a one time sale
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    There are many areas of getting traffic, facebook, as one area. Building your list is the most important thing you need to do. PPC is very good ,but you need to gain some knowledge and skill in doing so as to spend yoiur money wisely.
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    I don't know about Adwords, but you can insert your affiliate links in Bidvertiser and Adbrite networks and advertise them. I think this method works as i am watching these kinds of ads since several years a go and it still works. Many webmasters use their affiliate links for their PPC ads and as i told, it seems that it work for them. But i myself have not tried it yet.

    I love warriorforum.

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    i recently spent more than more than 200 usd , but i only made 10$ from my affiliate website, Tumbs down :-(
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    > 1. Conversion rates are low.

    This is the error people make. It's not the PPC ad that drives conversions, it's the landing page.

    The real problem in using PPC for affiliate marketing is that you don't make 100% of the profit. If I make or resell a product, the profit is all mine. If you promote the same product but get only a percentage of that sale, you are at a disadvantage because I can put more money into advertising it. You're recourse is to try to do things better than me (better quality ads) to try to beat me. But that will be hard if I can put five to ten times more into my bids than you.

    Not saying it can't be done. You could bid lower and have ads show at the bottom of the first page or even the top of the second. You won't get as many clicks which means you won't sell as fast and as many items as I could. I could for example sell five a day but you it could take you a month before you sell five yourself. You could still make a profit but I'd make my money much faster.

    Those who get banned by the way seem to be those not following guidelines and policies. I would not let that scare me. Simply follow the rules and you'll be fine. Plenty of others are doing it, why couldn't you? But don't jump in it before teaching yourself first. Save yourself time and money, learn PPC before spending money.
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