okay, dare I ask this, but...I need SEO, whose the best?

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I am a product creator, and currently working on my mini site and sales page. It will be few more weeks until its final. my question(s) is this.

Where do I begin warriors? I am guessing and thinking that I need some killer organic SEO teams to get started, but the problem is..THERES SO MANY OPTIONS AND COMPANIES OUT THERE CLAIMING TO BE THE BEST.

do I go with the monthly guy and his team? he clains 99-297 per month depending on what you want. Is this for me? I don't know, is it a scam rip off or too high priced? I don't know??!!

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he comes highly reccomened, but from someone I don't really know, but I feel good about and like his design work?

OR do I go with a warrior that is few thousand dollars a month, but doesn't have a website, or any "gurantees", etc?

OR do I hire a well known firm, but probably can't afford them, so thats outta the question. i like the 99 a month version, but im a big beleiver in you get what you pay for?

what if I just hired writers to crank out real estate investing/short sales/foreclosure articles? then used services or hired a VA in india to post them for me and build links?

As you can see, i have info overload, and I need a clear, distinct, direction to take because once the site is copywritten and together, we are live. the product is 95.34% completed

any info or feedback is appreciated. thanks

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    Well you have to be careful. Some people will offer you services and are not legit and make up fake reports. Others will provide you legit services. Honestly the best way is just to try out a service or always try to get a sample.
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      I think for these guys/teams/companies that claim to be kickass-seo and rankings, I should give a little cash up front for start up, but the rest goes into escrow. its that simple, once milestones are reached, ie, google rankings, increased traffic, i release the funds in escrow to your account. these guys all expect us (the buyer/client) to send them hundreds or thousands of dollars and then expect us to wait for results. NOW, there are honest, hard working people out there, but there are also shady, fake, fraudsters just taking peoples money and living it up.

      So, as a customer/buyer it makes no difference to me if a)team honest works hard and yields poor results, or b)team scam does nothing and I still get no results. NO results are no results!

      thats too much risk.

      So, the only fair way is to put funds in escrow, set milestones,offer to cut them in on the profits of sales if you are selling a product, stuff like that. partner together, long term, relationship build.

      As a business owner we have NO PROBLEMS paying premium prices to those that are honest, deliver, work hard, embrace our business and grow with us. We take care of our people and team members. So, I just search to find the people who think the same and "get it".

      If you know of anyone..send me my way..we have a definite budget, but it goes to the person who shows me commitment, results, and communicates.
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    I'm outsourcing SEO slightly right now, but here is what I'm going to do...

    Outsource to the Philippines because it will save me money. I'm training the worker because I already know what works but I don't have time to do it myself.

    You can get a full time employee for around $250 if you look in the right places.
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      I'm not going to pimp my own services but I want to share with you some lessons I have learnt from experience.

      Don't buy into the best looking SEO company you can find without doing your homework!

      I spend hundreds of wasted dollars and months with an SEO company that kept telling my that the links in my report were just not indexed yet and they would have HUGE benefits next month when they get indexed.

      I was so ignorant back then so I have two lessons..

      Firstly, realize how important this choice is to you. If you plan on making a living in IM you need to realize that this choice can make or break your success online.

      Secondly, do your homework! Search around various SEO services you like. Contact them directly to get them to do an audit of your site and recommend a tailored solution. With four or five solutions you will see a HUUUGE difference in prices and services (it's the way it goes in this industry).

      From there, don't sign up just yet, ask questions about their services. The more you find out, the more it will become clear which is the best choice.

      When you get your report, CHECK ALL LINKS!!! Check that EVERYTHING is just how you expect and what they promised you. From there, you can decide whether to continue on or move on to a different company.

      Even then... continue to check the reports over thoroughly. Ensure that everything is good and you are seeing the results you expected. If not, ask why.

      Hope this helps. Just be thorough. A lot of people procrastinate because it can be a hard process, others have just been scammed too much.

      Good luck
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    You need to be more careful while getting these services and I think you should check and ask for the services that they will be providing you.
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    Outsource to the Philippines. I'd recommend Regal Web for quality SEO service. They have the most competent SEO teams around. Since I can't post a link yet, please refer to my signature. Thanks.
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      Originally Posted by IstaylPinoy View Post

      Outsource to the Philippines. I'd recommend Regal Web for quality SEO service. They have the most competent SEO teams around. Since I can't post a link yet, please refer to my signature. Thanks.

      I agree. I'll also recommend Regal Web. They've been producing quality SEO and employs great article writers.
      High Quality Resell Rights
      & Resell Rights Products
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        Originally Posted by jesus72knight View Post

        I agree. I'll also recommend Regal Web. They've been producing quality SEO and employs great article writers.
        Wow and here I thought these guys were a bit of a guru secret I too wholeheartedly recommend them.
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    well, hopefully the SEO person you decide to go with knows the difference between "whose" and "who's".:rolleyes:
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      Originally Posted by Tom Goodwin View Post

      well, hopefully the SEO person you decide to go with knows the difference between "whose" and "who's".:rolleyes:

      is that a dig on me of some sort, or are you kidding? because I think it's a regional thing, being from central pa, that's how we pronounce it. ps: its just proof you don't have to be a grammar professor to be successful.
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    Don't go with anyone who cold calls and works for a large company as a general rule some guy I know has been paying 600 a month for awhile and has 40 backlinks in yahoo site explorer.

    It's always going to be cheaper to outsource the little parts yourself. It's like being the general contractor on a house.

    I've lost 90 pounds(160+ overall) fasting since January 2016 after failing for years on diets that just made me sick and miserable. Check out Prudently.com where I'm writing about fasting and weight loss. Get a Brandable Domain Name at Name Perfection.

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    You really do need to be careful, there are many people out there who are going to try and scam you, so watch out. The most obvious thing is, in SEO, there is never, ever any sort of guarantee that you'll get a rank for the keyword. It really comes down to, exactly what you want from a SEO service, the more your looking for them to do, the more it's going to cost, that's just a rule of thumb in the SEO world. If your just looking for a keyword research service, drop me a message and I'll take a look and give you a decent quote.
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    Have you managed to find someone yet?

    Interested to hear the outcome of this.

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    Originally Posted by jimbob88 View Post

    never buy paid links google will find out
    They will? Wow, my 30,000 + websites that have all had paid links are really in trouble then.

    Wait...no they're not.
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      Originally Posted by Bane View Post

      They will? Wow, my 30,000 + websites that have all had paid links are really in trouble then.

      Wait...no they're not.
      lets hope your competitors don't find out and let google know, maybe i stand corrected if you have 30,000 sites, can't compete with that.
      good luck anyway.
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    i hired a woman from odesk, which by the way blew me away. I posted a simple "SEO needed for opt in page" job, and I got 25 proposals within 2 hours or so. most were in the 2.50 per hour. some were cheaper, but brand new, no experience, not something I want to deal with. I hired this woman who had what I could see an impressive background, testing skills, and was my favorite number 2.22, so it took that as a sign.

    So, for 50 bucks a week or so, Ill give it a shot and see. Im just anxious to get things going, and in anticipation of launching HDSS MAIN sales page in 3 weeks, I should have somethin already cookin. right now its just opt in and the free version.

    so are these "paid"links? is it gonna screw me for long term? she said she wont be building them all in one day, just little by little and she will be sending me reports.

    I also got many other and a few proposals from warriors on here ranging from few grand a month to under 1,000.

    so, im going through them all not just looking for the best value or qualified person, but for the person that is about growing with us not only for HDSS, but our brokerage, my wifes blog, by other IM ventures I want to do etc. I am a relationship kind of guy and business, not interested in transactional, so I will be looking for a more long term team, odesk/elance will be there to do what they do cheaply.

    My question is this. What if I hired a few different teams to work on seo, would that cause problems with google or ban my site? its very new, under 1000 visits and views. lol. so, I don't wanna screw myself.

    I love this forum, hope I can give back the same info and advice and support you all have proven to me thus far. I know I will one day, learned ALOT in the past month being here.
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    you should hire someone who will let you know what they are doing to your site. You have the right to be informed of the methods they are using.

    The price range depends on what method is being used and how long the campaign runs.

    The one you hire should have clear idea of how difficult or easy to penetrate in your niche. They should provide you with professional market analysis. "This analysis will tell you exactly what it will take for you to break into your market." If they have no idea and cant provide estimate of cost and time frame then they dont know what they are doing.

    We often come across with clients wanting to rank in a very difficult market. What we always do is explain the amount of work and time needed for their site to rank. This is for them to have a clear idea of the cost involve and so that they can back out while its still early.

    Most clients that does not understand SEO aims for very competitive keywords but does not understand why it would take time for a SEO specialist to help them rank. There is no trick in SEO and if you want to outrank your competitors you will have to out-do them in every aspect.

    Right now we have clients ranking #1 for very competitive keywords. They understood the work involve and we promised them results in an estimate time frame.

    If you want to get your site ranking #1 for your targeted keywords it will not be an overnight work. But here are the options you can take:

    White hat seo - if your looking for a permanent results then white hat is your best choice. The downside is whitehat seo cost more and takes longer to see result since you want to make your campaign as natural as it gets and as high quality as possible.

    Grey hat - Your into white hat but wants to see result a little bit faster so you try using methods that dont look natural. The downside is that there is risk involve since you use some method that is not accepted by google(but most of the time many gets away with it.)

    crapy hat - most bl a ck hat method generates temporary results. It does generate faster results than the 2 method. high risk involve!
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