How You Can Maximise Your Traffic, With A Couple Of On Page SEO Tricks [Wordpress]

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I have been testing for about 3 years now using wordpress, building niche sites, and have had some pretty good results. This has enabled me to get a lot of free search traffic, and make more affiliate sales, etc. So I would like to give some value to this community, and share what I have learnt.

This thread is hopefully going to serve to help some people out with getting their on page SEO and internal linking structure as good as it can be with wordpress. This has the results of easier high rankings in the search engines, and can even give your internal pages some page rank, without getting any external links coming in.

Note: I am by no means saying that my method is better than other methods out there, or that it is "the" way of setting up your page structure using wordpress, but it has worked VERY well for me.

So, the basis of the system that I use, is made up by the following concepts:

1. Targeting decent traffic, low competition keywords, and using those keywords as the basis for the layout of your site. Each main keyword you are going after, will need an article of 400-500 words written for it, which in turn will become a page of your wordpress blog.

2. Setting up wordpress's page navigation in a way that maximises your internal linking for a good spread of PR, and in a way which search engines will like (which results in higher rankings, and more SERP presence)

3. Interlinking your internal pages back to your index page, by using the keywords that you are trying to rank for.

So, there's the overview, now lets get into the meat and potatoes of what we're talking about here

1. using market samurai (which I highly recommend), or any other keyword tool that you like, you want to find related keywords to your site that have a decent amount of searches to make it worthwhile, and also low enough competition to be able to get traffic without waiting years.

What I usually recommend doing, although this is based on whether you're starting a new site, have an existing site which is still new, or have an already aged site that is ranking well for other terms in your niche, is to go for keywords that meet the following:

a) 20 or more SEOT EXACT match (20 unique visitors per day, if you were in the top position of the search engines), in market samurai

b) under 5000 SEOTC (which is equal to intitle:"keyword" in google)
I actually recommend that if your site is brand new, or doesn't have much presence, that you go much lower than this if possible, but definitely not above 5000 if you want to rank within a few months. Ideally you should be able to find keywords with SEOTC 500-2000 which will usually be pretty easy to rank for.

Note: the speed in which you will be able to compete for rankings really is dependent on the competition strength, so I highly recommend doing further analysis using the SEO Competition tab in Market Samurai if you are not sure about this.

Here is a shot of how my MS keyword reseach is filtered

Once you have your target keywords, you will want to create 400-500 word articles, based around the keyword at hand, with a keyword density of around 1-1.5%, definitely no higher. So if you had a 500 word article, you would have the keyword scattered throughout around 5-7 times.

Now we are ready for the actual on page SEO, what this thread is really about

2. So, basically this is REALLY simple. You are simply going to use your articles to create pages on your wordpress blog. Each article should use the exact keyword that you are targeting as the page title. This means that your page headers will be perfectly optimized for getting higher rankings, and the targeted traffic from those keywords.

You then just want to put your page list, in your wordpress sidebar (using widgets)

Here is one of my sites as an example:

Notice the big list of pages on the right hand side, that's what im talking about. Now obviously, you don't have to have so many pages, but the more keywords you are targeting, the more traffic you are going to catch. This also helps your site to become more of an "authority site" as you are ranking for keywords across the board related to your specific product or niche

3. So, now you are almost there, the last thing you need to do, is go into your plugins >> add new section of the dash in wordpress.

You then want to search for, and install a plugin called
BlogMechanics KeywordLink.

Once you have that installed, go into the plugin in settings, and then you will want to get a list of all the keywords you discovered before, and link them back to your index page, using the below setup:

So that's pretty much it, you now have a very powerful internal linking structure on your blog, and you will be setup to spread yourself out over as many keywords as you build pages for.

Bonus: another great thing about this setup, is that in time, you will naturally get double and even triple listings in google. This is because you have the keywords that you are trying to rank for as links interlinking between your subpages and index page.

Hope you enjoyed this "How To", if I get good feedback, I will be doing more of these in future. So if you found it helpful:

please say thanks

Later guys,

IM nice guy
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