Back link Booster, Low indexing power? How is this possible?

by ben242
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Dear Warriors,

I am using Back link Booster since 10 days ago and I see some progress in ranking. I am not really sure if the progress is because of Back link booster but let's assume it is.
Based on what It does I expect indexing power for non indexed back links as well but I run a couple of tests and results are not OK even after 10 days?

Here is my question,

Based on what it is supposed to do (back links to back links ,etc,..) is there any logical explanation for this? I have a hard time to understand this. If a service can create back links to back links it needs to be successful for indexing as well!!! (FYI, I tried profile back links and articles, same result, not really successful in indexing):confused::confused:

Any help , sharing experience, is really appreciated.
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    somebody smarter than me is going to have to do a better job at answering this but, basically, it's a "numbers game". You're upping the power of the backlinks that you've already gotten by getting them recognized by "the G".

    However, you will not always be able to see proof of that because Google has a multi-tiered index model.

    Keep at it long enough - with the proper system - and it will make a difference.
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    I agree, it takes time for the strategy to take effect. It is a numbers game, evaluate after 30 or 60 days. We use a program to boost our backlinks and it has made a difference overtime. Persistence Pays!

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    Thanks for responses ,are you guys recommending to combine that with an indexing solution as well? I read good stuff about BIE. Some say BIE and Backlink booster are doing pretty much the same but some disagree.
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