Any good SEO experts you could refer to me?

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I'm looking to hire someone who can bring profitable results. Does anybody a good SEO-er that you had a great experience with that you could refer to me?

Thanks guys! 'ppreciate it!

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    Only a good SEO company helps you in achieving your business targets. Go through google, there you can find best SEO companies.
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      Originally Posted by seonow123 View Post

      Only a good SEO company helps you in achieving your business targets. Go through google, there you can find best SEO companies.

      I would like to offer my services as an SEO Expert for your site. I have 5 years experience in SEO/SEM and currently am working on Outsource to Freelancers, IT Companies, Programmers, Web Designers from India, Russia, USA, and more as a Freelancer. My strategies in creating an effective SEO campaign are;

      • Website analysis (site navigability, usability and visibility)
      • Keyword research analysis (Primary keywords, Secondary keywords, Determine Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)
      • On-page optimization (Title tags implementation, Alt tags implementation, Desc tags implementation, Anchor text analysis, keyword density, keyword prominence, etc )
      • Submitting to ODP, Yahoo directory, second tier-directories, Industry specific directories, Local and FYP directories.
      • Focusing on acquiring one way links and also reciprocal links with sites of higher PR (the link exchange campaign)
      • Paid and free listing (One way links)
      • Article submission and press releases (Writing original and quality articles for submission)
      • Blog creation and posting.
      • Participation in forums and other web 2.0 social networking sites
      • SEO monitoring and tracking (Conversion tracking and measuring ROI)

      Some of the tools I use to make my work easier in terms of working effectively and providing timely reports (including daily reporting) are Google Keyword tool, Analytics software, Keyword elite, Web CEO, SEO Elite, Market Samurai among others and also not forgeting odesk team and odesk share.

      Personally I am a certified SEO consultant and a Certified Internet Marketer with Web CEO University. I am available 30hrs to 40 hrs a week.I will welcome an opportunity for an interview to discuss my qualification and experiences further. Looking forward to working with you.

      skype: speedbird2030 (Most Preferred)

      Yahoo! Messenger:
      Gtalk : speedbird2030

      Feel free to add me as a contact

      Looking forward to talking to you.
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    Hi Cynthia,

    That definitely depends on what you're looking for...

    On-page, off-page, specific SEO services, or all in one packages. There a hundreds of them available, all focused in different areas.

    Perhaps you could provide more details in terms of what you're looking for.

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    I wouldent go with a specific person, I would use ODesk to find a high quality team of workers to backlink the crap out of your website. You will have to give them really good instructions but they will get you results quickly. Also what i would do is use backlinkteam to manage an off-shore team and have them manage the whole process as they have been around for a while and built Yahoo's Sports platform, AOL Video, Football fanatics site, and a ton of sports franchises. They got my site ranked on 35 Keywords in two weeks for very competitive keywords. You can see my site in my sig is ranked on pretty much every "Barter" Related keyword. Cant ask for better results than that. Hope that helps

    Im president of White Label Links Inc. A leading SEO and Internet marketing company based out of Jacksonville FL

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    this is the best job, but u can find the best person from google.

    i m looking for an experienced Developer, who have 3 to 5 years PHP and MYSQL working experience.

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    You do realise by posting that question you are just asking to be hit with "experts" offering their services!

    My advice, pick a few warriors whose posts demonstrate a good ability/ knowledge of SEO, who seem friendly, and PM then and ask if they can recommend anyone or help you.
    CONTENT WRITER. Reliable, UK-Based, 6 Years Experience - ANY NICHE
    Click Here For Writing Samples & Online Ordering
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    Search for SEO by the Sea. That guy has been in the business for a long time and gets the Best Answer from John Mu, a google employee on a regular basis on the Google Webmaster forums.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Hi Cynthia,

    I have outsourced many projects but a vast majority of work were poor quality. In context of this description "poor" is a kind word to describe these people who can not put together a three word sentence, never mind do anything seriously advanced.

    The fact is that most of these so called "emerging countries" had their talent hired by blue-chip firms SO what you are have left is garbage on outsourcing sites.

    SO be really careful. Ideally pick someone who speaks perfect English and understand western values otherwise you will end up literally spelling things out for them or looking for a bi-lingual dictionary.
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