Does Anyone Use Google Affiliate Network? Need Some Little Help Here, Thanks!

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Hi everyone,

I'm very new to Google Affiliate Network, I'm kinda frustrated with the reports data.

My problem is with its reports system. Usually I can test my tracking URLs with other networks and manage to see my tested impressions/clicks within my major networks. Unfortunately, I have no luck with GAN though

I've already clicked/viewed my tracking URLs/links but I'm still not able to generate any reports and I still don't see any impressions/clicks reports data within my GAN account.

Is this normal?

Perhaps I can only see my reports data only after a pending/confirmed transaction is made?

Could someone help a little and clarify further upon this?

It will be very much appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance.

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    I do a lot through them. You normally are assigned an affiliate manager for the program like I have one major person i go to with issues who works for the google affiliate network.

    If your not seeing anything check your links are correct

    Second you can also track which product produced by adding to the end of your url &mid=yourtrackingcode

    Great way to see on a page which products are converting. Very easy to setup

    Also great way to see which sites are converting. It has suprised me many times which ones are doing well.
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