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Hi all.

I have a question that I'm hoping someone has an answer to. Does anyone have any suggestion for some software (preferably free as I'm on a tight budget) to do keyword analysis? By "analysis" I'm talking about determining whether or not a keyword is good to go after. Something like what Micro Niche Finder does with its red/yellow/green rating. I know that Market Samurai is capable of doing keyword analysis in a similar but more in-depth manner and is free but I can't get it to work--every time I try it, it times out.

I don't really need any other features, just something to speed up the keyword choosing process. At the moment I'm using Google's Keyword Tool to find search volumes for keywords and then checking promising looking ones in the main Google results to see the PR and backlinks and so forth for the sites that show up for those keywords and, while no doubt effective, it's quite time consuming. Something that I can just pop a list of keywords into, hit a button and get an "easy/medium/difficult" rating for the keywords would be nice. So, any suggestions on a way to automate this process? Any software or websites that do this or am I stuck manually using Google?
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    Hi Exire,

    without a shadow of a doubt I can safely say that there is no better software for keyword analysis than Market Samurai. It does cost some $, but if you sniff around you can get it cracked I believe ( no bad karma here ).

    You will never look at another piece of software again.

    If you will be performing micro niche site building you will most likely wanna know : How I got my brand new site indexed in Google in less than 12 minutes

    If you have an questions regarding MArket Samurai I believe there were plenty of threads oppened on the subject.

    Hope it helped.

    Sincerely, Buyseech
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    Market Samurai, Market Samurai, Market Samurai.

    It's by far the best keyword research tool without a doubt.

    If you're going to tell members to check your signature, this is what they'll see.

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      Yes, I was afraid Market Samurai would be the answer. I'll have to see what I can do about it timing out on me as I really would like to use it.

      Thanks for the replies, guys. By the way, that's a great tip on your blog, Buyseech. I'll be sure to use it!
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    Market Samurai is the best choice. And i tested Traffic Travis too and its not bad too. You can test it for free. But as all of us know, Market Samurai is the best choice.

    I love warriorforum.

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    MS is good but if you don't understand SEO then its a bit useless. Learn to use SEOquake first before you shell out money. Learn to read PR and backlinks and have a "feel" for competition. Once you do that then spend money on MS so you can speed it up. Software does not always get it right and if you don't understand its uses then you'll think any results thats green will be easy to go for. Same as for MNF.

    Just to let you know, traffictravis collects your data seaches. Not sure if MNF or MS does that.
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    There are many keyword anaysis tool these are very helpful to select and analyze the best keyword for your site.i.e shown in following links:
    Keyword Analysis Tool - Market Samurai
    Keyword Analysis Tool: Try Our FREE Keywords Analysis Tools! | WordStream
    Keyword Analysis Tool :: Webmaster Toolkit
    some common one are Google adword and word tracker
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    I would suggest that for expensive tools is for market samurai and for free keyword analysis tool is google adwords.
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