How Do You know if your site is sandboxed

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Have been working on my website for the keyword stop blushing finally got it to the 6th position and now it just dissapeared? Not even on the next 3 pages...what's going on?
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    This happens sometimes to all of us, just wait a little bit and you should see you site on Google again
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    Google site search shows you're in the index...yipee!

    Google search:

    Keep building backlinks, and (as mentioned) just give it time and you should be fine.
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    Originally Posted by yankforlife41 View Post

    Have been working on my website for the keyword stop blushing finally got it to the 6th position and now it just dissapeared? Not even on the next 3 pages...what's going on?
    This happened to me, got up to 5th on first page then totally gone, been 10 days now. I've asked for a reconsideration, as I cannot think of anything else.
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      Can happen sometimes for a few hours - if is still showing up then its being indexed
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    How old is your site? I've noticed with a number of my sites that when they're new they will eventually bomb in SERPs for a few weeks before eventually regaining their positions. Once they get a little bit of age (and new content over time) then they hold their positions better. One of my sites has experienced this a few times when it was about 2 months old and both times took a few weeks to recover.

    I've done a little research into the "sandbox effect" and it seems to be, more or less, a way for Google to test you. If your SERPs suddenly drop and you stop updating the site and stop building links, Google could easily see your site wasn't worthwhile because you didn't even take the time to keep working on it. But if you keep working on your site and keep building links then Google may see it as a site that is going to continue such activity for quite some time and is less likely to consider it another spammy site. Since there are no hard facts on this, it's just my $0.02 so take it with a grain of salt.
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    This website has only about 50 backlinks and i think you have not penalized or something like this. It ranks #27 for me on Google now.You should continue making quality backlinks for your website and it will be ranked high again. But don't make a lot of backlinks daily and only try to make them from quality websites.

    I love warriorforum.

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    if your site is deindexed for more than1 week, than it is most probably sandboxed, but if only a few days...nothing to worry about.
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    this is just a google dance i think. it ll be back in few days.
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      hi, I think at certain level or point it happens to all because I have faced the same problem but I was patiently waiting and let the Google do the work and after few days I saw the keyword in the near position.
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    I think If your website has supplemental results then it shows that your site is sanboxed
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    if your site is de-indexed for only a couple of days than is just Google dance probably because your site might not yet stable with keywords and such. but if it more than just a couple of days or even weeks then its definitely sandboxed because i think you are suppose to wait for a month before you start going on a linking spree on a fairly new site.
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    It's been about 5 days, I have been constantly backlinking the site for a while, still building links, hopefully it will come back up.
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      Try not to worry to much. First check to see if your still indexed by Google by typing in '' into Google search bar. If your site appears here then your still in :-)

      People get confused with the Google dance, sandbox and being dropped. So long as your site still shows up in the Google search using the 'site:' command then its not been dropped from their index. This leaves one of the first two options open.

      The Google dance happens all the time. Google is crawling and updating trying to work out where to place you. Some times you are happily sat on front page and then you go down to page 3 or 5. Give it a few days and you will return.

      As for the sandbox, this is a strange area to cover as not everybody agrees. This is my take on the sandbox talking based on experience and research.

      All new domains are based on like a probation period and many things can trigger the sandbox effect during this time. It can happen to older domains but not so common as for those with an age for under a year. Once sandboxed you will notice that your site drops from serps. You will find it many pages in if you look, maybe page 40, 50 onwards. All is not lost, its just time that is in play now along with continuing to work your site along with quality backlinks.

      In my experience, if your site drops but still returns an index result 'site:' and its a fairly new domain(less than a year), it is more than likely sandboxed. This is not a bad thing if you can wait, it may take 3- 8 months to get sorted but the best way to resolve this is to continue.

      Once out of this probation period you will come back better than when you went in and in many cases hitting high rank positions(based on your continual efforts)

      Hope this helps.
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    Originally Posted by yankforlife41 View Post

    Have been working on my website for the keyword stop blushing finally got it to the 6th position and now it just dissapeared? Not even on the next 3 pages...what's going on?

    This sounds like the classic case of temporary boosting of QDF. Now that temporary boost has worn off you must do solid promotional work to truly earn the higher rankings you seek.

    If you search this forum you will find hundreds of threads describing your exact situation and the feeling of being in the imaginary sandbox once the temporary boost of QDF wears off. QDF+sandbox - Google Search

    By the way there is no real sandbox, it is just an imagined place that your site goes when you don't understand what is going on. It's quite common for new webmasters to feel like their website has been placed in a sandbox when they don't understand what is going on. It's all in your mind, you simply haven't beat your competitors, you've more work to do.
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    Interesting stuff, dburk. I never heard the term QDF before, but found some nice reads on it.
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    I've never heard about QDF before. But yes, one of my site getting ranked so quickly that it's unbelievable when it's first launched. Then gone to page 9, then gone to oblivion. Now it's back again but after I did a lot of attempts.
    Those who have time and search for a better time will lose time (Sufi Proverb)
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    If site is new .Google contain your site in google sand box.In this case keywords ranking some times increase and some times decrease.
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