Submitting 1000+ Pages - The *Shotgun* Approach To SEO Marketing

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Hi, I thought I would start a thread on marketing using the 'shotgun' approach. I think a lot of us spend too much time trying to find niches, keywords, sub-niche keywords and gaps in the market that all that time could be used in producing 'output'.

As we all know 'content is king' but what I want to know is can one really take the shotgun approach for SEO purposes and submit 100s if not 1000s of pages of articles to their website and make a substantial impact to their traffic?

Here's what I'm doing..

I go through my pack of PLR content, copy and paste niche articles into my website template, modify the title and h1 tags and then upload it to my 'articles' folder of my domain.


By doing this I hope to grab free traffic from Google and the likes.. I'll make a reply and we'll see how effective this method is!

Has anyone done this and had any success?
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