A Question For Adwords Experts - PPC to Sales Page?

by opiel
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Guys, I have a question about PPC with Adwords and I would like to thank you in advance for taking time to answer it.

I have been getting an itch to try PPC with Adwords for a long time.

I have a website in 'getting your ex back' niche with a content prepared by a professional therapist from UK. It is by far the most informative site in this niche.

So far I have been quite successful by sending traffic directly to my sales page from my articles but as far as I know Adwords doesn't like it too much. However, I have seen some people doing it.

My sales page is a very long and informative sales letter ( there is a lot of solid information there ) with two PayPal payment buttons. It has site map, terms of use page, privacy policy page, and contact us page.

The site is about two years old with almost 4000 articles linked to it.

I wonder if I added a page with links to related websites and a page which would lead to at least a dozen of original articles published to the site... would it fly with Adwords? Do you think I would get a decent quality score with it?

The reason I would like to do it is because I think the conversion rate would be higher if I sent the traffic directly to my sales page. I am aware that it is a bit contrary to common wisdom but it has been working quite well for me so far.

Again... I would like to thank you for your time.

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    I see no one responded so here goes. I would try to get rid of the sales page idea, they are 3years ago. You need a good landing site with good content (which it sounds like you have). Ensure you have a privacy policy, sitemap etc and lots of internal linking which Google loves.
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      Thank you, Mark.

      I thought that it wouldn't work in a long run. But I have seen some dudes doing this stuff.
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    i would not suggest using adwords to promote get my ex back, as your account would run a high risk of a slap / suspension, it one of those very tricky areas with adwords.

    I will pm an alternative that may work for you.
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      Google just cleaned house on the ex back niche a couple months ago.

      The SERPS are a ghost-town. The only ads you'll see are for new advertisers, and those don't last long.

      When it comes to selling ebooks on Google, the only real viable strategy is to create an authority site.

      The writing's been on the wall for a few years now.

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