SEO; Leveraging PageRank power - can you have just build say 50PR7+ and ignore say PR 2 or less?

by ed22
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Hi all

As PR power in terms of SEO is logarithmic, (ie PR9 worth 10times PR8 etc), is it the case that instead of building 5000 PR0 links, you could just build 50 PR7s?

I assume not but does anyone have any insight?
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    Hi ed22,

    It would take far fewer than 50 PR7 links to best 5000 PR0 links. PR is a weighting factor and those PR7 links will carry so much more weight than the PR0 links that it probably wouldn't matter how many PR0 links you get they would not come close to the power of 50 PR7 links.
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      You would probably only need one (true) PR7 link to best 5k PR0 links IMO.

      Only probelm with that is its not at all easy to "just build" 50 PR7 links. Even building 1 true long standing PR7 link is very difficult.
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        Cheers guys.

        Is there any guides to the relative power of this PR stuff or is a bit secret agent like a lot of big G's procedures?
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    I believe it is effecitvely a logarithm of base 10 hence 0-10 PR.
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