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I know that everybody claims to know the secret to getting to the first page of google... and then after you buy the product - for whatever reason it doesn't work out.

So... I am wondering if you guys... guys who have experience getting their own webpages ranked on the first page of google have some advice which they can offer me on how to get ESL GAMES to the first page of google for the keyword ESL GAmes.

I would really appreciate your help and if you can help me with this then you are destined for INTERNET MARKETING success!
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  • Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks.
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    Also make sure your page contains the keyword phrase you're ranking for in the title, and also in the first and last paragraphs.
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    work harder

    oh yeah,

    wrong forum. SEO Forum is down a couple of notches.

    I'm all about that bass.

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    Edit your keyword and description meta tags. Also, make sure to add more backlinks. Be consistent.
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    I would spend some time working on creating backlinks. No reason you can't build enough quality backlinks to get it to the top or pretty close.

    Rob Whisonant
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    Their is a lot of ways on how your site will be on top of Google.

    First thing to do is the ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION meaning you should work on your site first you must have meta tags and site map so that Google will easily crawl your site.

    And the Second thing to do is OFF PAGE OPTIMIZATION their is go backlinks and more backlinks like forum posting and blog commenting..
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    Backlinks, and optimize your content with your keywords ESL games for starters. Use anchor tags with your keywords in them etc... Rinse, wash, repeat.

    With a little hard work you will get there!
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    Strengthen your SEO campaign for the site. Study new strategies. That is the best thing to do.
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    I have checked your website. It seems that its OK. But you need to make more backlinks for it using the anchor text you want to optimize your website for. It helps you more than other ways for ranking on the first page of Google.

    I love warriorforum.

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    Ok. Thanks guys. I will try to find the time to start making backlinks for my site via Squidoo. Thanks.
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    Well, to start:

    1. Your site only has 125 backlinks. You almost never see a site with that few backlinks ranking #1 for anything, so first and foremost you need to start building quality backlinks. And by quality backlinks, I mean dofollow backlinks on high quality pages with your desired anchor text. Speaking of which...

    2. There are only five sites with a dofollow backlink with anchor text "ESL games" in your backlink portfolio. This has to go up...way up.

    3. You've done a great job with your Title and H1 tags, so kudos on that.

    4. I don't know if you're the author of those HubPages linking to your site, but all those links are nofollow, and they're not passing any link juice to your site.

    This is from a quick 3 minute scan of your backlinks. Download SEO Spyglass (if you haven't already) and do some more digging to find more areas for improvement.
    10 OBL - Full Link Report - Zero Footprint
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    I already checked your site but little disappointed because you want to get rank high on SERP but still you didn't optimize your web page perfectly. I found your keyword density is very low and also Meta Tags not available on your web page than How can Google will find your site. So, I am suggesting you first do your On Page work for your web page and after that do Off page work for getting back links.
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    First you work on onpage optimization factors and then work on offpage optimization this will help you to increase the rankings in google.
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    Start with a offpage seo campaign.

    but then most people dread of building backlink.

    a more simple way to start with blog commenting, if you have hard way to find dofolllow blog, get paul's, angele's, kyle's backlink packets to start with.

    then, write a couple of quality articles and submit to only a few top quality article directories, you dun need to do mass submission...just a few top quality will do. because you want other people to use your article in their blog not to get backlink from article directories.

    then post status update with ur link on twitter and facebook, on your own account as well as other people account.

    doing these 3 1st for a new site, you can do others at a later time, doing other things too fast, for example mass RSS submission for a completely new site, sometimes have adverse effects.
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