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I was wondering if anyone had any good experiences with SEO professionals? I know a decent amount of SEO, but it certainly isn't my specialty. Does anyone have any idea how much it costs to rank 1st on Google for a keyword that's searched 50 000 times a month.

Honestly I don't even know what to charge for something like that.
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    Cost? There are no guarantees with SEO the best you can do is go after the keywords you are trying to target. I have no idea what they would charge but I would do it myself if you have the time.

    50,000 searches a month the competition is probably pretty stiff. And even if the SEO professional could do it and its not a guarantee. You wont know how long it will take them to achieve that goal.

    It's all a guessing game with Google just cross your fingers and hope for the best!
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    Yeah, I'm going to echo what Jay said here. There can't be a cost to rank #1 because the guy who is currently ranking #1 probably has an SEO guy with the same guarantee!

    What I would do before I hire anyone is to gain a really good grasp of SEO first and then look for a professional. A lot of so-called "SEO Experts" do nothing more than the basic automated crap that everyone else is doing, just charging you a premium price for that.

    And in most cases, you don't even need an SEO professional to get you to rank. SEO is all about the links, so I would save that money and spend it on getting higher quality links rather than mass links, which is what an SEO company will probably do.
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    I know a fellow Warrior who has a pretty reputable SEO service. dadamson -

    There are a lot of Warriors here that use his services and he seems to know what he is talking about in his posts.
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    Thanks for the recommendation Ally!

    To answer the previous posts, no reputable SEO company could possibly guarantee number one spot, or even any position for that matter.

    We do however get number one positions for our clients. You can check out our site if you'd like to see the backlinking ratios we use to do this.

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