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For those that use PPC and aren't aware google just released Adwords Automated Rules - you'll definitely want to check it out:

AdWords rules, and so can you! - Inside AdWords

From their blog post:

With automated rules, you're able to create rules to automate bid, budget, and status changes on a specific part of your account (selected keywords, ad groups, campaigns, and ads) that are triggered at a particular time. For example, automated rules could be created to perform the following tasks:
  • Enable ads promoting a special offer late on a Sunday night when the offer goes live
  • Automatically raise your bid to the first page CPC for all keywords in a campaign that contain the word 'sale'
  • Generate more traffic on your peak shopping days by automatically increasing your daily budget on Mondays and decreasing it on Wednesdays
This is going to be very helpful for those of who manage PPC campaigns.
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