Is this damaging my article marketing? Publishers not playing by the rules

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I syndicate articles to quite a few top financial and news sites and i have seen an increasing trend where instead of directly linking back to my site they have the following code (which does actually lead people back) - but i'm not sure that it's doing anything for me:

The article in question is on the following link and you will need to go down to the bottom to see the live links back to my site.
Before It's News

The link they have going back to my site is below:

Critical Decisions Looming for Japan=

If these publishers are doing this - should i stop sending them content??
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    They are redirecting your link. So if you're looking for backlinks for SEO, then you're not getting it. But if you're looking solely for click-throughs and visitors, then it's fine. Really just depends on your goal for publishing there.
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    Thanks kposs - we ll they do send quite a bit of traffic my way - but it is a shame about the backlink - i was looking for the best of both worlds.

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