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My Idea SEO Software Would allow you to type in the keyword you're searching for, and then show the top ten, their links to URL, pages indexed, PR, etc. but ALSO tell you how many links you need to beat them, and of what PR level they need to be.

I mean, because currently I have a site with more backlinks than anyone else, the highest PR, and decent pages indexed, but its only ranking #5.

I assume I need more anchor text backlinks for the term.. but I really dont know how to get them without using Market Sam and digging around.

Are there any programs like this? That tell a rough estimate of how many backlinks I need?

Like it would say

You need 22 PR2 backlinks, or 222 PR1 Backlinks focused around Dog Food to outrank

Something like that??
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    Yea more all data in one place tools could be a real time saver. Since Google has recommended that you not pay too much attention to page rank (I supect it's not updated as well, since their internal grading system has moved beyond it) The number of links and their rank would be at best a rough guide. It would probably also have to factor in the keyword relevance of the incoming link's page. The moz guys seem to be getting good at combining multiple factors.
    Do you use seoQuake to view the pr of site explorer results.

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