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You know those ads that pop up at the bottom of the video screen?

From what I've seen they are NEVER targeted, ie they bear no relationship to the content of the video, and as soon as they appear I close them down immediately.

They are (in my opinion) one of the most annoying forms of advertising on the internet.

So, my question is, does anyone actually click on them?

Has anyone here actually made any money at all from them?
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    I never click them, I've never seen anyone click them either. I've seen some funny comments about people saying they'll use "Toyota technologies" to remove the ads from youtube.
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    yep people do make money from them, if you noticed they will be on videos/accounts with a lot of views. I've never tried it myself however you need an adsense account to make money from it and I dont think the person has control of what shows. It's actually google that display other people's ads on a site/video with lots of traffic. People pay google for marketing and google then pay marketers who have traffic for showing them.
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    I have not tried them for making money yet but i am sure that i have not clicked on them even one time yet. But i don't know, maybe some people click on them. I think it worths that you try it once. Maybe it works for you as you want.
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