Which seems to have more weight in the rankings? Blogs or Forum Profiles?

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When it comes to helping your site rise in Google which do you feel helps your site rise more.....Blog commenting or creating Forum Profiles?

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    i think they both carry about the same weight

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    I don't find that one has an inherent advantage over the other. Just stick with the one that you can create the best backlinks on. I've done this and never run into any problems.
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    blog comments have more potential in passing through pagerank juice, since blog posts are independent pages that can gain pagerank on its own, especially if a lot of external links are linking to it.

    with forums, pages are too deep, that sometimes search engine crawlers don't reach some of them. so my answer would be blog comments have more value than forum profiles.

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    i think blog comments are the best..they can help a lot in PR..
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    I think both have tremendous value when it come to SEO.
    I use both, I have had a little more success using a blog on my domain, by applying the right keywords, and installing the necessary plugins the potential to rank well is apparent.
    However the most targeted and relevant traffic you will find on Forum site, which will give you a specific target.

    I use both, and would suggest to always use blogs and forums to add back links to your site...
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