Can you please check if i rank for this keyword or its a bug?

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if its true...then I DID IT! if not then i need to work hard, please confirm!

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    Sorry dude. I don't see your site rank in the first page. You must be using personalized search.
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    Yea I see it too, congrats.

    The next pr3 site is in 5th spot.

    Yea, it makes sense to have someone else check, the google personalized search can make result on your system different than others. I heard this story about someone sneaking into the boss's office and 'training' his system to favor the sites the guy was assignd to seo.

    I just noticed the "Google sponsored advertisements" now are labeled "ads", perhaps they needed to add a quick billion to the bottom line, is that background getting lighter?

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    I don't see it., right? That's your personalized results
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      Your #74

      Looks like your getting personalized Google search results.

      Try the same search in Google Chrome Incognito,
      Yeah, I've got you on page 8 as well. If you were #3 you would be able to tell by the increase in traffic. Looks like you're quite a ways away from page 1 mate but good luck.
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