allintitle, competing pages and other BS-myths of keyword & competition research debunked

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Ever done "keyword & competition analysis" and wondered

- how many "competing pages" are too many?
- What an acceptable "allintitle"/"allinurl" competition value is?
- What the maximum "page-rank" of your competition on page 1 should be?
- etc, etc, etc?

I was going to put a post in here to debunk some of the myths and misconceptions around this, but it ended up a 28page report with plenty of pictures, case-studies etc. So, I made it a free, downloadable PDF:

if you're doing keyword and competition research, and you're looking for answers to the questions above, then check it out here:

allintitle, allinurl, allinwhatever … the RIGHT way to do competition research

and if you've got great examples, success/failure stories to share, feel free to share here so we can all learn from it

have fun

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    This is an excellent PDF Veit; you've given some real value for absolutely free. I can't believe more people are not digesting this info and taking it to heart.

    All of the competition methods you've called-out just plain do not work; including a method that many people here on the warrior forum would be following no doubt.

    But you've given a method that outlines how to determine competition in google. It may not be the easiest method in the world, but then I'm not after 'easy', I am after 'profitable'. So if I can find methods that make me more money for less work then I am all for it.

    Two thumbs up.
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