Do You Skip MetaTag Use for SEO?

by Lauryn
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Reading Building Findable Websites for school (Internet Marketing Major).

Book says one can skip inserting meta tags, but use the description as search engine spiders have been configured to ignore them due to abuse of metatag information in the 1990s.

Have you successfully ranked for your sites without using SEO metatags?

I use them either way, even though I'm on Wordpress. I figure it can't hurt.
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    None of the meta-tags are used for ranking. However, the description tag may be used in search results listings so having one that's somewhat enticing can help click-thru rates.
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    I use them because you never really know if they matter or not and I can afford the 5 minutes it takes to insert them.

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        Originally Posted by yukon View Post

        Same here, only it takes 0-min on my WP blogs.

        I setup my Wordpress blogs (php code) to pull any Tags that appear on each specific page & insert Tag/keywords into the keyword meta tag.

        I always use the Meta-Description Tag, 99% of the time Google will use my description tags in the SERP description.

        If you don't have the Meta-Description Tag than Google will 100% not use what you would like to appear in the SERP description since the Tag doesn't exist. Use the Tag, that's what it's for.

        Note, I understand that G says they don't use the Keyword-Meta Tag, I still use it. I also could care less If competition comes snooping around my source code looking at my Keyword Meta Tag (keywords), anyone can pull keywords from a web page with or without the Tag.
        What he said, it takes 0 minutes to have them in every post of mine at WP and I think it won't hurt at all
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    although google doesnt honor them, many other search engines do. so i always try to have them.
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      Originally Posted by webcosmo View Post

      although google doesnt honor them, many other search engines do. so i always try to have them.
      No they do not.

      Altavista and Ask were the first to stop the META keywords.
      Google stopped in 2001.
      In fact, not a single search engine crawler uses these as of 2004, when Yahoo Slurp! and Inktomi decommissioned them also.

      These days, even the minor crawlers ignore META keywords tags. It's a fact.
      Unless you're talking about some obscure open-source crawlers, like DataPark, but that's a whole other story.
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      Originally Posted by brandonbaker View Post

      Thanks for that link!
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        I always chuckle when people say other search engines use them.
        As if there are actually "other" search engines.

        These meta tags are one thing we just can't seem to give up.
        Kind of like continuously pushing the button at a crosswalk, thinking
        that the more you press the faster the signal will change.

        Like your mother telling you to wait an hour after eating before
        going swimming.

        These things were created for directories back in the day.

        I use them only because it feels good to use them.
        No harm, but watch your description. If it is misleading, google
        will ignore it and not show it.


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    but the meta title and meta description are still consider, right?
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      I've heard both use them and not use them.

      There are so many search engines, directory sites, etc. out there and continually being added whereby there is a probability that some of them are bound to use meta tag(s). It doesn't take but a few minutes to add them, so why not add them? Just make sure e.g. the keywords you list are found in the content so your page is not considered trying to keyword-stuff.

      Also, it sometimes helps when trying to monetize your page.
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    I add them just to be sure. It doesn't hurt anything to have them and it only takes a minute or two to put them on your site.

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    yes, I set this in automatic option.
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